Psychology of Consumption

Marketing and Behavioral Aspects of Consumer Care and Benefits and Disadvantages of Consumer Practices

Consumerism is the way in which a more human part of business and businesses and businesses considers consumers as well as their employees as essential human beings & # 39; of their efforts. However, consumerism can have a different meaning and represents a culture of buying, highlighting the virtues and ideas of a physical community, and emphasizing the importance of an international business environment. Businesses must keep consumers satisfied and develop and sell new products based on consumer needs. Consumers and consumer needs, on the other hand, appear to be circular, with businesses creating consumer consumers, and consumers also presenting their needs to companies pointing to the relationship. When I say, companies create consumer needs, we can consider the example of the Apple iPhone. Apple successfully created the need for consumers to own the product that successfully integrated their phone and iPod. Of course, Apple has also had to make the first survey to find out what consumer needs or requirements are and then eventually expand and emphasize that those consumers need to bring new products, including the iPhone. A good company is the one that can provide a realistic and well-defined framework for initial vaguely consumer needs. Consumers at the beginning are not well defined or clear as consumers tend to have an idea of ​​what they want but are not too sure about what they really want. Through surveys and discussions with consumers and technical consultants or product development consultants, companies can develop these initial consumer ideas and unclear consumer needs and shape their future plans.

But we could first try to define consumerism and understand why consumerism is such an important part of business and marketing. The concept of consumerism seems to have both a positive and a negative relationship, as consumerism could mean a culture of possessions and materiality of materialism. Consumerism could also result in increased consumption of goods and goods that could benefit from the economy and markets with increased buying power among people, even if consumerism could also mean a whole range of marketing and business that ultimately leads consumers to buy a product.

Consumerism that has a broad definition and can include a variety of buying and trading types, so finally consumer behavior is a behavior & # 39; And that's how it's important to psychology and psychologists. Consumer groups are about individuals or groups, and how they choose or buy safe and use or dispose of products and services so that they can satisfy their consumer needs and the implementation of consumerism would also have a significant impact on society. A systematic and even scientific study of consumer behavior was the basis of consumer psychology and consumerism. Consumerism psychology could be considered by two different factors – one of marketing or business prospects where consumerism is considered essential as it helps maintain businesses and businesses so that psychology is based on how to attract consumers, but the perspective of consumer behavior or why. because of consumers buying or consuming goods and services, and what are the reasons for the purchase of the business and how this could be justified by normal or abnormal behavior analysis.

The second part of this discussion can help us answer a few consumer issues.

Scientific Psychology from Market Factors –

Consumers buy according to their personal needs and what they consider necessary and also in accordance with the social needs they follow, and are therefore interested in certain products and services. Certain products seem more important, necessary or attractive to consumers, and these products tend to have a certain value that helps companies sell these products. Businesses and businesses are able to attract more consumers by using the psychological principles of marketing and consumer behavior and the key is to create a willingness or demand for a product. Businesses and businesses understand the initial consumer needs through surveys and then develop new products to attract consumers. When products have been developed, brands and advertisements help connect products and businesses, and as consumers develop a knowledge of this relationship between brand and product operations, they tend to even want the product. Consistent with the demands of competition and consumer ideas, companies tend to offer promotional, discount, sales and awards in order to attract more consumers. Considering market considerations, the consumer concept is profitable as more consumers and increased purchasing power would mean more sales of products despite the disadvantages of increased consumer spending would be minimal, except that increased consumerism would also lead to increased competition from other manufacturers.

Thus, the most important consumer psychology features from the market point of view are creating the need for consumerism or a particular product by advertising the specific and unusual features of the product, developing brand and product relationships, and offering attractive options such as discounts and sales to attract not just more consumers but also more sales.

Scientific Psychology from Behavioral Behavior –

From a behavioral point of view, it would be interesting to participate in a buying behavior analysis and we can try to understand why consumers buy in the first place. There may be a number of reasons why buying as a result of social and personal needs, from emotional and financial needs, and some of these needs are healthy and positive and really necessary in our daily lives. However, buying behaviors like & # 39; merchants & # 39; would be unpredictable, random and even unhealthy, from a psychological point of view, where excessive bargaining or intimidation suggests a bipolar disorder or some form of addiction. However, consumerism and a special focus on luxury brands may indicate an almost unhealthy addiction to fashion trends and contemporary decisions and globalization seems to be encouraging. Businesses and businesses create consumer choices so consumers already need & # 39; when they participate in buying behavior. Although this need may be personal and social, the need may also be fully emotional in need.

Consumer psychological considerations are about meeting our native needs to manage and manage certain things that could be replaced or replaced by other assets. For example, a woman who enters a divorce agreement may suddenly develop the unmanageable need to buy things constantly because the need for ownership of the spouse has been moved in another direction.

From a clinical point of view, consumerism could be explained by abnormal psychology and the role of depression, the need for superiority, and also blind faith or dependence on fashion development, and all of them are considered negative aspects of consumer psychology. If consumerism is considered a positive phenomenon, the benefit of consumerism would be the application of psychological principles to understanding purchasing behavior.

Consumerism and consumerism research help us understand and recognize not only consumer needs and how these needs are created or met, but also consumer behavior and attitudes towards products and business plans, or seek to understand marketing from behavioral problems. Consumerism's psychology is to create needs and organizations so that consumers get a certain knowledge of the product ideas before they buy them.

The consumer concept could be positive and negative and not only international and international, but also emphasized the beneficial development and efficiency of individuals between communities and communities.


10 ways to improve the performance of the game and succeed in your personal time

Are you having trouble getting your team to meet your company's goals? Is your team energy, creativity, and motivation? Are you stressed, overwhelmed and do you need to spend a long time just to keep the ward together? It doesn't have to be that you can control the situation. You can get your team to work effectively towards a common goal and you can restore your personal time. Working is important and you want to exceed business expectations, but managing your time to pursue personal interests is just as important. You want to be there to see the kids grow up and have time for the important thing else (yes darling I mean you and not golf) … but you also want time to shave some strokes of that disability as well. What your interests are, you need to find balance. Work on implementing these 10 steps and you will improve the performance of your teams and get your personal time back.

1) Add to the atmosphere

As a leader you have, it has a great impact on the ethics of the team. You set an example for your team. Not just what you say and do, but also what you allow. Make it clear to all the team members that in the workplace everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect without exception. You need to be aware of how team members interact with others. Tones and body language often say more than words have said. It's common to get 3 or 4 team members to create a negative atmosphere for the entire group. They also tend to be the same team members involved in the majority of conflict. Don't allow it to happen. Often these members are unaware of their impact, and a quick discussion will resolve the issue. If that happens, it will not be successful.

Join your team for lunch as much as possible. It opens up the communication when the team members get to know you better and see your personal side. Your title as a single administrator is enough to scare any of your team. Spending time with them will help to put them at ease and to feel better by preventing work problems.

Give praise and positive feedback often. Make it part of each day to recognize what your team is doing right and be special with praise. As a manager, it is easy to get cooking in what needs to be decided, but if we talk only about problems it is not a very powerful environment.

Moral problems and conflict with teammates are infertile and can waste a lot of time. As a leader, you have direct control of morality. Take responsibility and prioritize.

2) Open communication

Improving communication with your team is the key to getting time back. Always have an open door tool. Make sure your team knows they can come and talk to you when they worry. Quickly respond to these concerns and return to your teammate with the action you have taken. When you do this, you will create an atmosphere where team members seem valued and, as it forces you through your team, you will find that you are more likely to be aware of the small problems and can take action before they become big problems. You'll also see a team starting to draw your attention to ideas and ideas on how to improve the workplace.

Following your efforts to create an atmosphere where someone can come and talk to you will always be team members who just don't feel good about talking to the boss. These team members can still be good ideas or can lead to concerns you are not aware of. Set up a system to get your group information anonymously. A simple way to do this is with a workout called 5-15. Give the team 15 minutes to write 5 things they want about the business or job and 5 things they think they need to improve. They do not need to put their names in the list. This can be done in a group, but don't let them discuss their individual answers so you get everyone's input and not just the few who may be more vocal. In just 15 minutes you can get good suggestions to improve your workplace and find out again the little problems in time to fix them before they are big. A summary list of needs to be improved and a plan to correct them. Hold a meeting with your group to let them know what actions you must take for the 5-15 exercise.

If team members think they can't worry about management because they don't want to deal with you, then we will have moral problems. When a team member cannot worry about the management, they will discuss it with other team members. This creates a negative atmosphere and turnover. If you want to save yourself some time improving communication.

3) Who works for whom?

Often managers are frustrated because they see their team as not listening or following. Team members look as if they are not putting much effort into their job and they continue to do the wrong thing. Frightened managers say "this group just doesn't listen or seems to be the same." There is a likelihood that your team will not work at a high level. Your team can't win you until you work for them. How do I work for them I thought they were invited to work for me? As a manager, you need to emphasize the importance of proper training. You need to build a solid foundation for new recruitment or they will never meet your expectations. As a leader, it is your job to give them every opportunity to succeed.

Install a system to ensure that training is completed correctly and in a timely manner. Often we have to come up with fire days, but you need to keep up with the new labor market. Consider having a "buddy system" and pairing a new lease with a team member who has a positive attitude and high-level performances.

Get clear expectations early. It is much easier to properly train from the beginning but it is reversing poor performance. Whether you are directly responsible for the training or not, make sure you register regularly.

When you move a new team member into a positive atmosphere, give them clear expectations and train them properly and reduce turnover and improve productivity. Increased time to get your teammate to a good start will save you time in the long run. More time means more golf and it's good.

4) Attitude is everything!

We all know as a manager we need to lead by example and come to work with a positive attitude every day. What we fail to do is expect the same positive attitude from everyone in our team. Whether it's a manager or a temporary team member, the expectation is the same. This is part of creating a great work environment. We have all experienced this member who complains about everything and will never be happy. They are a drain on moral and usual sources of conflict. You might think "he does another good job." It's just what he is. "But it's not fair for the rest of your team. They deserve to be in a positive environment. You need to let any negative team members know how to influence the team and what your expectations are to deal with it as a performance problem. It is easy to view the results of their work and say they are great employees but if they cannot interact with your team in a positive way, you will constantly have to resolve conflict.

When interviewing one of your main goals is to try Identify whether this person has a positive attitude and talent required, which can be difficult as most candidates get an interview and are in the best of their behavior but do not generally respond when interviewed. Appropriate to be determined.

Because applicants practiced practice You may want to add some questions to your phone interview, but applicants are not like red preliminary to answer your questions and you might get more accurate answers. Always check job references for applicants. The past often predicts the future.

Remember, having a positive attitude is needed for all members of the team. You have to have a fun and powerful team and much more time for you.

5) Who knows more?

Often, as managers, we think we need to be the source of all ideas. The truth is, we just need to get the best ideas done and if you don't listen to your suggestions and your ideas that you don't use the best. You probably have people working in a particular field of business every day. They are the experts of that part of the company. This goes back to open communication. You need to encourage your team to constantly think about how to improve their business share and share it with management. When you begin to respond to some of its proposals, you will see the momentum of building.

Sometimes we let ourselves get in the way but if you can create a culture where the best idea works and not just the team leaders will be more involved. If you continue to tell them what to do and do not ask for your ideas, you will lose your greatest resources and thoughts and ideas in the workplace.

Make sure you give credit to anyone who came up with the best idea. Don't try to pretend your manager or anyone else is your idea. Know these people at meetings and encourage the whole group to start thinking about how to be more profitable, provide better service, be more efficient, or improve the work environment. You'll be happy with the results.

6) You need successors

If you want to save your time, help you build your business in the future and impress management you need. What is a successor? They are the people you and your executives know as an opportunity to take place in the business, but to succeed, it goes far beyond just identifying them. As a manager, one of your most important tasks is to be able to increase your people. You will stand out from other managers when you are able to provide qualified people with vacancies within the company.

To be truly successful, you will be able to give your astronomers away without adversely affecting your ward. Many executives hate giving their top teams away, but if you've been a pro and have someone ready to step in and fill your shoes, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. The only good way to lose a teammate is to study and when you play even a small part in helping them achieve their goal, it should be smiling in the face.

How do I get these successors ready for the next step? If the organization has not already done so, you need to develop a list of core competencies needed for each position, such as addressing direct reports, planning, organizational skills, team building, and so on.

When you have a list of core competencies you need to speak to the prospective successor and find out their career and discuss the core competencies that this individual needs to develop. Then you can create a development plan that shows what performance looks like (ie, the skills are fully developed), give them action or different responsibilities to help them get there and lead to a clear assessment of progress. The CEO then has to monitor and regularly monitor the times to keep them properly with their development, but if they are real successors, most of their development plans will be self-propelled.

If you are working in a growing organization that has successors is priceless. You help the business grow and your ward will not lose beat. You never have to fill in other positions because you are pre-able and save time. Growing successors are rewarding, great for ethics, helping to build business in the future and will get you recognized by your boss. It must be.

7) Ambassador

When you really change your mind, it will take you time to focus on large illustrations of your work and be more effective. It can even allow you enough time to get extra rounds of golf each week. Many executives hang out on many tasks because they are easy and they feel comfortable doing them, or they think they can do better than anyone else. You need to look at what you do each day and ask yourself is this project something that I personally need to do? Is this project adding value or could I benefit from the organization better by focusing on attention elsewhere?

It's easy to talk about today, but your job as a manager is to focus on the big picture and make your business profitable. Sometimes, you may be able to take additional time in the beginning if you need to train someone but once you have the training, you may never have to complete this task again. Think about the time you will save. Usually, the person you are hiding to celebrate is learning a new responsibility. Choose some of your successors to hide. It will also help with their development. When people stop learning and growing, they look for other jobs where they can grow. Delegating new guarantees for the right people will keep them learning and saving your time.

8) Planning

Although you have been releasing yourself on some time-consuming daily obligations by handing you over, you still feel like running from one fire to the next to keep the league going. Now that you have some extra time, you can even solve many of these daily disturbances that take you away from the big picture. You need to drill down and find the root cause of these fires that keep popping up. You can find most of them can be avoided if you dig deep enough and develop long-term solutions rather than just throwing water into it today.

When you can stop working on problems today, you can start working in the future. Looking into the future, you can lead business instead of business that pulls you all the way. To be an effective manager, you need to be aware of your future business development, budgets, sales goals, and plans right now to be ready to meet those organizational goals. Most companies have seasonal development and the time of year is much more profitable. Set plans to maximize these peaks in business. This is where most of your opportunity is.

When you take the time to plan effectively and work in the future, you will save yourself, have less stress and maximize your business opportunities.

9) Keeping them Responsible

Accountants can be the hardest part of a job, but it is absolutely necessary. Many executives allow poor performers to move on because they are unpleasant collaborators, but if you allow poor performance to move intact, you can soon end up with an entire team of poor performers. Other members recognize when people are not gaining weight and maybe not everything but some will say "if he doesn't have to do anything why should I?"

The key is to keep track of individual issues and address them immediately. First, decide that it is the performance of the team leader and not the difficulty of training properly or lacking in direction. Once you have decided that the performance factor is the guarantor of the device, you need to deal with it. Always remember to discuss a particular performance and never attack the character. It is recommended that one of the administrators be witnessed when correction actions are given and that always take notes.

It is important to be fair and in line with your expectations of all the team members, but at the same time you may need to change your approach with adjustments to suit the individual. Everyone has different personalities. Some people get very emotional in thinking about doing something wrong and others can be smoking. Use your knowledge of your team to anticipate the various challenges you might face with these individuals before making any improvements. You want to organize the conversation with the result in mind that they understand the issue and are ready to correct it. Then develop the best approach based on the personality of the individual. This is not favoritism. It's knowing your people and taking the right path to achieving the desired results. Any time you still have the same performance expectations but a diverse approach may be necessary to achieve that goal.

Often, only a few members will reduce the performance of all items and waste a lot of time. Take immediate performance issues to save time in the long run.

10) Have fun

You want people to use their work by providing challenging work in a good atmosphere, but most people spend more of their hours in the office than they do at home so you also need to encourage your team to have fun. Try planning 1 hour a month for fun activity for the entire team if possible. Have managers participate. It's a great way for the team to get to know you in a more relaxed atmosphere. This doesn't have to be an extra job for you. You can have a fun-named program every event and even use a successor to plan and organize it to help them develop.

Everyone works when you enjoy the atmosphere at work. As a manager, you need to have the fun of it. You see better productivity, lower turnover and better morale. It usually means less work for you in the end.

If you can implement these 10 steps into the workplace, you will get less stress, better results and more personal time. You deserve to have time for your own hobbies, to watch the kids grow up or spend time with those important ones (Unfortunately, this time I had to translate golf).


Advantages and disadvantages of online recruitment

The use of the Internet for recruitment has continued to increase, and many companies are now providing the ability to apply for jobs for their corporate companies. Like many other online activities, there are pros and cons to online hiring. On the balance, however, numerous online benefits weigh considerably more than the overalls.

Benefits of working online

More detailed information

Entrepreneurs are now viewing online recruitment as an integral part of any recruitment policy, as it allows them to find much larger and geographically reachable jobseekers and find highly qualified candidates for the positions they are looking to fill.

Lower Costs

Online job status is much cheaper compared to traditional recruitment methods, such as advertising in newspapers. Also, online work sites tend to offer smaller ad packs to increase the visibility of each online promotion, giving added value to the employer.

The online work process can also help employers avoid the use of intermediaries, such as recruiters, thus avoiding the costs associated with it. This approach also allows the employer to directly contact potential candidates.

Time saving

The time that has to be sent to find and hire a good candidate is also much less due to increased automation in the process. Automatic filtering can be applied to scan applicants to ensure that only applicants that match certain conditions can apply for the job. This can save a lot of time by reducing the amount of programs to choose from very quickly.

Disadvantages of Web Practices

Representatives of Candidates

It is very possible that an employer can receive great applications if the screening process is not used effectively or the criteria are set too loose. Many will include information in their formats since they have little experience, but if this information matches the criteria set, then an application can still be submitted.

Wrong Information

This is a danger in any recruitment process, but could be considered more so when working online. What candidates have said about themselves online in their profiles or projects may not necessarily match the skills they really have. The skills that they may not be able to verify before the employee actually meets the applicant, which means that time can be wasted on meeting candidates who are not eligible.


No evidence of theory

Approval in the community has almost become necessary. We somehow need to fully understand those we associate with. So much, there is a protocol to follow for every occasion. Anything that needs to be covered all the time cannot be found in this predefined code of conduct. There is room for misunderstanding when there is such a gap between what is meant to be understood and anything.

Such a joint opinion mandate is based on the notion that every action and word has significance. These effects may vary depending on the reception. Sensitivity to a particular substance can apply the response of anger, hurt and pain. Paying attention to protocols prevents such an event while keeping a bunch that is supposed to be quiet and allowing them many misunderstandings. When what needs to be quiet it is necessary to be known, to ask for an explanation is uncomfortable because the code of conduct defines invisible but cannot define everything that is disagreeable.

Discussing this issue is the consent we seek from each other for what we do and what we live on from what we expect from each other. They surround and dictate our relations, our views, and our views when this is the case. They are limited to human capabilities. They also create unnecessary addictions and relationships that neither encourage nor support the cause. They serve the community without a profitable purpose.

If it is done away, society will need to divide the system. One where every action and word spoken is done in full conviction of purpose and purpose. One where every action and word is spoken is only received if it is in tune with goals and objectives. Not to be in agreement that we are still seeing and hearing whatsoever while fully understanding our purposes and purposes and doing what is needed to achieve while it does not cause any inconvenience to those we take in the process. what such an exchange would require. It is better to use to make the world better, when you respond to the above interest is not looking for and not dependent on positive motivating answers for what you do. It makes the self stronger, safer and gives room for one to grow into limitless measures.


How to attract good people using Dating Apps

Strategic tools make the convenience of online divisions a new level. But with so many dating programs out there, it's hard to know who's right for you.

Here is an explanation of some popular dating programs, as well as some tips on how to use them.


Tinder is a free app that anonymously finds a closer match and connects you to them if you are interested in each other. It allows you to say yes or no to possible matches by showing you people who are close to you and making you anonymously "like" them or "going" on them. If you and potential matches "like" each other, make the Tinder demo and allow you to send text through the application without giving away your actual phone number.

To be in feminine energy using policy tools like this, I suggest "like" as many possible matches as you like and then let the man be the first to contact you through the program if two by you "like" each other.

How about We

How About We have set the date you want to continue when you sign up, which potential match can then "choose" to connect with you and set a date. It's primarily free, but you can upgrade to get special costs. Profile questions about how we appeal to advanced professionals. It's designed to help you set up dates right from the start, rather than chatting to possible matches for weeks before finally meeting. The templates are characteristic features and seem to focus more on compatibility than physical characteristics.

When it comes to sending the date you want to continue, you always recommend keeping the first day short – an hour or less is ideal. Choose a public place near you where you feel good – don't drive far to see a man for the first day. Somewhere where you can walk around and watch things (such as outdoor shopping) is perfect as it is a more detailed aspect of these types of activities.


Hinge uses a corresponding algorithm and it is a "romantic" to show you potential possibilities that are likely to be similar to you. It raises your Facebook information to introduce you to people who have a similar type of job or went to the same school, but it also goes deeper and fits you with people across these limits as well. Hinges use it as a matching algorithm to identify hidden threads associated with potential dates.

In my opinion, virtual compatibility does not have much to do with what you have "in common" with a person. With applications like this, I suggest you get a chance if you get some good wine from them and their energy is coming to you, regardless of whether you share things or meet all your requirements

Coffee Meels Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel introduces you to people who are looking for meaningful relationships. You get one match per day that you have selected specifically for you. You have one day to "like" the game or "go" on them. Coffee Meets Bagel does not tell your potential matches that you "liked" them unless they "liked" you too. When you and potential matches "like" each other, you can safely text each other through the application and your virtual phone number is not given away.

As with some of these other dating programs, I suggest being the first person to contact you through the program if two of you "like" each other – so you just answer to potential games, rather but start.


OkCupid is a popular free dating app that lets you view formats and send messages to potential games. In my opinion, OkCupid is one of the best dating programs because it is easy to navigate and it uses algorithms to match you with personality traits and what you are looking for in a relationship. You can browse through local and chat with interesting new people who have the features you are looking for.

Having clear, flattering images are extremely important when using applications like this. You want at least one picture of your face, looking at the camera and smiles and one overall image. If you change your main slide show and upload the new movie so often, you'll be back at the top of the "Activity" page and people's searches.

Lots of fish

Lots of fish is another free policy application that lets you view profiles and send messages, but its personalized service fits you with people who are interested in the same type of relationship and even points to local places to attend. Plenty of fish allows you to set up your account so that certain people cannot contact you. For example, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, someone who is looking for a "hook" or casual relationship cannot send you a message.

When it comes to writing your profile, I always recommend writing two paragraphs – the first one should be all about you and the latter should be about what you are looking for – and be sure to translate everything into a sense of message where you can.

I love hearing about your experience using departmental software – and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through my website and ask!


Law of Attraction – Powerful Attractiveness Characteristics of Successful People – Positive Thinking

The Benefits of Possible Thinking – Every success of an individual experiences this great power. While others look at what is wrong and make demanding situations discourage them, positive thinking, success man seeks out options and choices; she does not even see the situation as a problem like others, but she sees it as an opportunity.

If you have to experience the benefits of good thinking and success that a positive thinker naturally attaches to, you need to discover the real state of your current thinking.

Excessive exercise to do is simply keep track of your thoughts; Don't evaluate them or try to improve them, just watch them. Of course, take into account your inner conversations (and some images your mind creates) as it is obvious that the words are a direct reflection of the thought.

If your thoughts follow this particular "direction", be careful:

  • "I don't like …"
  • "I'm in trouble …"
  • "That's not enough … "
  • " Why don't they tell us. "" 19659008] "Can you believe what he said?" thinking, you need to get a bigger dose of positive thinking right away! According to the law of attraction, "like contracts like." The above thought, attitude and disposition will only attract more of the same; negative, discouraging, passive and impotent.

    Here is an effective way to change negative thinking into positive and attractive thinking. Make sure this and your will soon reach the benefits of possible thinking:

    • Start compiling a list of positive thought statements.
    • Find the ones that are polar / positive opposite your "negative" thinking.
    • Read that day.
    • Read them with emotions and believe them to be yours!
    • Gratefully change them in personal affirmations that they are yours now.

    Here's an example. This is a quote from Catherine Pulsifer and she is her definition of a positive attitude, "looking for good in all circumstances." To confirm it, simply say, "I'm happy and grateful now that I'm looking for good in all circumstances."

    Be sure to remind yourself of the ways you have completed this. If you recently did not, just imagine having done it well. Don't judge or get down on yourself. Be your best fan and support!

    There are a lot of positive thinking views and positive online thinking. Make a "Google search" or any search engine you use. Copy them into the word processor and print them out. Treat these positive thought statements like gold, because they are! It's an investment in yourself.

    You have to get a glimpse of the benefits of a state of mind where you see those who oppose negative thinking and beliefs you have pursued. Just read them again and again. Then start reading them with "faithful feelings." Claim them as yours.

    Here are some of the benefits you will get:

    • "Problems" and "Challenges" will feel less scary
    • You'll find the solutions to the same "problems" much sooner than ever.
    • You'll start seeing opportunities in the "problems".
    • You will have a sense of personal power; literal lagoon of abundance

    This is a gradual process. It won't be all after a few quick confirmation. However, if you commit yourself to this process, you will have significant experience with potential thinking. Attitudes and thinking, as well as the results you read a little earlier will be yours. You will find these benefits of potential thinking and people will see them in you.

    This article is the fifth in the series, Laws of Attraction – Seven Powers of Attraction Features of Successful People.


10 great ways to have a detailed policy agenda

New employee policy agenda, also known as NEO, helps employees get to know the values, ethics, vision and goals of new business and also learn about policies and procedures. If you already have a proposed strategy in hand, nothing is better than that. If you are not, there is no time better than the present.

Let's look at some common new guidelines for employee agendas:

  • Surprisingly, most employees do not go through the planned strategy plan at all. The company understands it for the employees to learn about the institution itself or from their colleagues.
  • Most organizations consider the strategy a task that only the HR department commits to. It is not. While HR helps to develop a good NEO program, it is the faculty that cares for their new entrants.
  • Policy should not be a simple event. Keep track of updates and always provide further assistance to new employees.
  • Usually, the company understands employees with brochures of documents, papers and rules and regulations to read later. This means almost nothing because new employees rarely read them.
  • Some innovation companies are all about implementing new entrants through various rules and regulations of the organization. While important, it should be a minor part of the process, along with many other important information.

10 ways to organize a perfect new employment agency program:

  1. Avoid misrepresenting role : When a new employee unites the agency and finds that he has been hired to do things that are completely different from what he thought he was doing, where the first vision goes.
  2. Written plan is always better : A new plan containing goals, plans, plans and plans helps employees over confessions about their role and instead opens up new dimensions to discuss new opportunities.
  3. Get your papers ready : Form of government, such as direct deposits, benefits, etc., will be ready before the employee unites the agency.
  4. Introduce the employee to their team : The employee should know who is working in the team with him and it should introduce others to the team on the staff profile as well.
  5. Give them some help and attention : When you are in a wake-up call, don't answer your mobile phones or get busy with the system. Make sure you pay close attention to your employee.
  6. Workstation in ready-made equipment : Before joining the proposed day, the employee must be prepared with stationery, special systems such as a telephone; a laptop or desktop should be in perfect working conditions.
  7. Create balance : First days are strong. Get them right into the establishment of your company at work – organize lunch with other team members.
  8. One Time Schedule : Make sure you contact your employee, whether it be regular communication, weekly discussion, or 30-90 days of feedback.
  9. Introducing Company Culture : Provide employee information on life at work. Tell them about the company's policies, clothing books, benefits, etc.
  10. Think about the first few days : Make sure you have a 90-day stop where you request a formal feedback from an employee. Take this opportunity to hear them all the worries or compliments they faced in these many days.

A good strategy plan does not help new employees understand the organization and organization, but also benefit the company in the long run. It reduces labor costs and also saves a lot of time for employees and supervisors. It also increases staff morale and cuts employee turnover.


5 Emotional Keys for Your Breakthrough Performance

Emotional Intelligence or commonly known as EQ has been considered one of the key needs for good school performance and workplace success since Daniel Goleman was more popular this idea in 1995.

Emotions are like energy that fuels our behavior, issues and actions. You know how you did when you felt positive emotions like trust, motivation and excitement. You must also have delivered less than ideal results when you felt negative feelings such as anger, sadness, and fear.

Usually, most of us are taught to suppress our feelings so that we can be logical and reasoned in our decisions, issues, and actions. Although you have used it to survive unpleasant situations, it does not strengthen emotional muscles and develop into better performance.

How to manage, learn and even take advantage of our feelings to break your success and achieve better results. Let you look at 5 Emotional Keys to break through your success.

1. Emotional Awareness

Most of us deny our negative feelings without knowing that we are actually consuming negative emotions. Denial is a form of suppression, and in suppressing the feeling, you allow it to grow and strengthen within you.

Preventing emotions also removes constructive physical and mental energy from you. So the way is not to deny, but to be aware of the negative feeling you feel by acknowledging and accepting it. It's as simple as saying to yourself, "Yes, I'm angry."

When we get to know our feelings, it also means that we know our emotional responses. When you are affected by negative emotions, you usually react in a certain way. For example, when you are sad, your usual reaction may be to pull and stick to yourself.

So to start, sit down and identify your negative reactions to these most common negative feelings: anger, sadness, and fear. Ask yourself what is a positive answer for each emotion. Commit to responding positively the next time you experience the negative emotion.

2. Emotional Control

While suppressing our negative emotions is not healthy, there are occasions where we cannot express this feeling. For example, when you are angry with your boss or customer, you probably cannot express your anger orally to him. At that moment you will need emotional control.

Emotional Control does not respond to the negative emotion, but to hold it down at the moment and do what you need to do to solve the situation. In this case, you may need to keep quiet and listen to what you have the boss say, or be calm and listen to the customer's grievances.

After you've done what you need to do to solve the situation, find a private corner or place and have time for you. In your mind, review that incident and get in touch with this negative feeling again. Let it come to you and find it until it dissolves.

3. Emosional Engagement

Let's change the corner and talk about positive emotions now. While negative emotions adversely affect our performance, positive emotions did the opposite. Of course, when you feel positive or positive, you have to do better, right?

When you are confident about a mission, you must approach it with such a high level of certification and rely on the mental and physical resources to complete it. So the key here is to participate in your positive emotions; it is emotional participation.

The best way is to tap into positive emotions in nature. For example, you might eat your favorite food or listen to your favorite song to put yourself in a positive emotional state when you need it.

However, it can often be uncomfortable to create emotions that are natural emotions. You might be a few minutes from going to an important exam, interview, or presentation, where to find food or music? That's when you can lose positive emotions from your past.

Just close your eyes and in your mind, check out some of the previous events where you felt positive emotions such as success, happiness, self-confidence, motivation, etc. Make sure you are participating in the first few views on a case-by-case basis.

4. Emotional Freedom

Many advocates and studios advocate our negative feelings so that we can deliver better results and results at school and at work. However, if we have to continue to control our negative emotions, wouldn't it be quite tiring? What if we were free of common negative emotions? It would be good, wouldn't it? It's emotional freedom?

Perhaps it is not easy to achieve emotional freedom, because each of us has collected his own fair share or emotional baggage in recent years. Yet, some of us who live happily and successfully in all areas of their lives are because they are free of negative emotional energy.

Release those emotional luggage that you are holding onto you. They could be bypassed by unresolved issues, past relationships, past pain, previous palpitations and past negative events. If there is a person or event that when you remember, you bring negative emotions into you, that is, emotional luggage. Get started and just do it one by one.

Solving it could mean forgiving a person, giving a person a call to apologize, talking about, or participating in the event, or even seeking a professional teacher or psychologist to assist you.

5. Emosional Wisdom

Emosional Wisdom is the ability to see the message behind our feelings. Emotions are the communication from our subconscious mind to the conscious mind. Emotions tell us that something is not right within us that we need to monitor.

For example, if a particular type of speech or action always calls for a negative feeling in you, a root must be somewhere in the subconscious that needs a solution. The question is, do you have the emotional wisdom to know it, look for it and solve it?

You have an emotional wisdom if you can thank you for negative events in your life, such as traumas related to career, communication disorder, and health offenses that call for your inner psychology. With emotional wisdom, you would see what is happening only temporarily and can be changed by solving your inner conflict.

Start by studying what is not right in your life right now. Participate in a third party and try to assess the situation. Ask yourself what might be the subconscious message? You get emotional wisdom with every answer you find.


Three questions to ask before becoming a vendor

You have been a vendor for many years and a sales license opens. You have consistently been the largest distributor of the company and won prizes and awards from the Executive Board. You apply for the position of sales manager and earn a position based on past performance and a great attitude.

But three months in your new position, ask yourself, "Did I make a mistake?"

Some of these regrets can be traced to the steep learning curve because the sales managers need different skills than sales managers. Or may you regret having realized that you have made the wrong choice.

Ask these questions and decide if you really want to be a sales manager.

1. Enjoy training and training? Teaching and training always looks like fun – and it is. It's also boring, needs endless patience as you perform role-playing games and abilities to enhance your team's abilities. Resellers are like well-trained athletes. They have to run the plays over and over until they become another character, which allows the seller to perform under stress. It is said, "Infinite patience produces immediate results."

Setting new habits and skills takes time, effort and patience. Do you have patience to develop people?

2. How comfortable are you in keeping people accountable? As a sales manager, you must make sure that your sales force is involved in the proper operation and number of actions needed to create a full point of sale. My philosophy is that a salesman can always do the job because they control how much effort they will extend. If a salesman is not doing the job, successful sales managers are ready to have trouble with love.

They are not worried about being like. Their concern is to help this person reach their full potential – or find a job where they can do it. A professional sales process is not for everyone.

3. Enjoy analyzing numbers and data? Sales managers are committed to analyzing sales forecasts, conversion rates, and work-loss analysis, capturing trends, and working through the downs of large data that need to be translated into relevant data. Wing-it sales management does not work in the sales organization, so if the data is not broken your boat, then be in the individual sales of the boat manufacturer.

Everyone has a special collection of talents.

Use EQ's emotional self-knowledge skills and ask yourself difficult questions to assess your strengths and motivation before applying for sales management. Companies need strong leaders and strong merchants.

Good selling!


iMMACC Reviews – The Internet Marketing Guide and Training Center Review

What is iMMACC?

Online marketing is either one of the most important factors in achieving successful business and building a well-known brand, but finding out how to do it can sometimes be challenging. Facing this need, a group of entrepreneurs, under the well-known internet mob, Gerald Van Yerxa, founded the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center. But what exactly is it that can help you promote your current business online? Read on to learn more about iMMACC.

What is Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center:

According to Gerald Van Yerxa, iMMACC was created to provide business owners with knowledge and tools to learn how to market better online. According to the website, they are probably the world's largest marketing center and educational school available and teach the most effective and current marketing methods to enable business users to market and promote their services and products and continue ahead of the competition and on the front of search engines.

What technology does iMMACC teach?

The Internet Marketing Training Center provides ongoing training and support as well as a highly backed training session training session. They teach over 51 different online marketing strategies and marketing, including:

  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing Through Such Sites Like Facebook and Twitter
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Revocation / Anchor-Texting and more
  • and most importantly, Keyword Research (how to choose the best keywords and use them for the most strategic purposes to ensure your online marketing is at the top of Google.)

Additionally , Internet Marketing Advisor and the Training Center emphasize teaching the business owners exactly the accuracy of keyword research and other important search engine optimization techniques to ensure that these online marketing are not only effective but really put the relevant business where they want to be; which is in front of its target audience and customers.

The stand apart feature with iMMACC as well is that training is ongoing and many times a week instead of other online marketing programs that last only a few months and provide limited support, access and resources.

Budget Advisory for Marketing Consultants and Training Centers:

The MMACC has a benefit plan that enables people who participate in the Guidance and Marketing Program to refer people to sign up for the program and receive $ 1,000 for each person who also comes in. So for someone who doesn't have a product or service on the market, this can open the door for either another revenue line or a completely separate program to promote and market too.

As you can see, the Internet Marketing Advisor and Training Center offers a unique opportunity to learn how to really blow up competition online and take tremendous steps in your marketing efforts. If you really want to stand out online and create great success for your business, then IDMCC can really be a program to look at.