Verifications: Your most important conversation

"You can not do anything right!"

"You suck in everything!"

"God are you always stupid!"

Who could be so cruel talking to someone like this? However, these words probably resemble you, because that is how most of us speak – to ourselves.

Words like this turned home to me more that I feel like to acknowledge. For a long time I struck in such a situation, but I could not even upset me and said hello. I once thought that compassionate and heavy was my compliments.

I never dreamed that I would write articles like this, especially one this personally.

Because of lack of self-esteem, I did what an independent respected adolescent would do. I accused others. I accused it of my parents. Sometimes I would even blame the children on the playground from so many years ago, who told me I was ugly.

Now I know I created most of my own problems. When I started telling me I was ugly, stupid and could not do anything right, I put up suicidal prophecy.

I neglected my look and made me unattractive. I never tried very much in any spirit of attitude that made many people not like me.

When I arrived at college, I felt sick how my life was going. Enough was enough. My life was not going to be a mysterious recovery, and nobody else came to my rescue.

I realized that if I wanted to be happy, I had to work for it. If I wanted a miracle in my life, I had to make them happen to myself. The only problem was that I had no idea where to start.

One day I heard about a book called Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It opened my eyes to my subconscious programming could change. Self-talk is the secret.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon who often wondered what made some people improve their lives after losing consequences. On the other hand, some patients were as insecure as ever, even though they achieved a perfect appearance.

This led him to life-long research in human minds and human possibilities. He came to the conclusion that you had to see it mentally to succeed. With visualization and self-talk, you can turn even miserable situations.

To fight against a negative self-esteem, I learned a visual giant red stop sign and mental scream "Cancel" every time I had an independent conquered thought. I also learned to try to change years of unconscious programming and a negative self-esteem is about trying to get dressed in washing a cat. I had to think of "Cancel, Cancel, Stop" so much that it seemed absurd.

But over time, I began to respect myself for doing the best I could with the knowledge I had. Gradually, my volunteer became more powerful. With perseverance, new thoughts took place, and for the first time in my life I felt self-reliance.

Changing your own chat is like trampling a new way through the forest. With each use, the new way becomes clearer and the old way grows with grass and weeds. It's hard at first, but the prizes are well worth it.

This life can only be as great as our minds will allow it to be. Our controlling thoughts determine our beliefs, beliefs, and most importantly, our actions.

Everything you want most will not fall from heaven. Happiness and success are only possible when we take full responsibility for ourselves. It begins when we become more aware of and more in control of the most important conversation that any of us will ever have – the one inside.


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Verifications – Imagery – Strength


After the survey is completed and reviewing all aspects of your life, you will become more aware of limiting beliefs and your belief in creating a breach of performance using imagery and affirmation. You know more about your particular practices and how you look at your life and your location in it.

Your self-image is usually established after 7 years of age and your Psycho-cybernetic controls act like a hotkey to keep you working within the comfort area. Create your self-image created in the first years of your life that you would imagine yourself.

Any movement outside of the identification box you have established for yourself causes you inconvenience.

So it's the nature of change and growth to find discomfort. So expect to keep pushing the edge of your comfort.

One of the laws of the universe is CHANGE, and it is a known fact that if you do not participate in change, it will take part in you.

The easiest change to be made is those that can be integrated over time. Engaging Change is a developmental lifestyle that ensures youth body, mind and spirit.

In order to strengthen yourself to change unproductive behavior in the long run, you need to build momentum, neutralizing old nervous systems and strengthen and strengthen the new nervous system with repetition until strong and active.

Your subconscious mind will start working on a new and stronger program as it becomes dominant in your mind.

Doing the natural program that has the most energy! Monitoring, meeting you and receiving some short-term discomfort that arises when you change your habits reduces energy from your old program and works to abolish it.

It takes about 3-4 weeks to set up and activate new patterns and start building momentum that is necessary to create a new mind. At this stage, much less resistance function to prevent your new behavior.

It is a well-known fact that your subconscious mind will accept and respond to the information you give it if you say it often and often.

Subconscious mind is neutral and responds to information regardless of its subjective truth or value. Repetition is the secret to overcoming previous programming.

Sign up for shooting and confirmation ~ Success Tools to Cure and Attract Your Desires – Your Shadow Voice.


Do Verification Really Work?

In short, yes, the confirmation is answered. Of course, you must use them right to succeed.

What is confirmation?

Confirmation is a statement of something that you believe to be true. In terms of personal development, it may be a statement of something that you want to be true. As such, authentication may be triggered or tools for change. Confirmation can help a person change or resume personal progress.

How can you use verification?

  • Verifications can be used to create a positive attitude
  • Verifications can be used to create good practices or replace bad practices with good
  • Verifications can help individuals achieve their goals
  • Verifications can help to maintaining calm or balance in opposition to threat or provocation
  • Verifications can help to change your life
  • To be fully effective, confirmation of positive terms is required. They also need to be featured in the modern era. Confirmations tend to be a declaration of faith, they work at subconscious level and work on the principle of self-fulfilling faith. The more you say or review the confirmation, the stronger the message will be and the more the message is accepted by the person who recites the confirmation.

    Each of us has an internal voice, & # 39; an image of & # 39; self-talk ", which we use to think or talk to ourselves. Many of us may be ignorant of this; it is obvious when we have time to think about us or if we have the opportunity to practice a speech or presentation we have to give. Verifications use this self-assessment to communicate their messages to us. All too often, for many of us, our own speech is negative, we use it to tell us when we have made a mistake or to put ourselves down, criticize ourselves or say we can not / should not do anything. Verifications turn this and allow us to use a positive language to develop or restore a positive message to us.

    The confirmation has been written or spoken, sometimes both, but confirmation is also related to learning styles. Many of us tend to think more in pictures rather than words, others think or learn more with actions or sounds. The fact that attempts tend to be regarded as written or stolen, can be taken into account why many have not yet seen the full benefits of confirmation; Written or numerical confirmation does not fit easily with the chosen learning style of these people.

    Verifications, of course, must not be single, they can be visual or in motion or activity. In this way, confirmation can be used by a large number of people successfully. Indeed, many of the best use of confirmation have had the tendency to employ more than one method of communicating the message. So the confirmation can link a positive statement with an image. Thus, the user sees the positive message to the image and vice versa. Similarly, authentication may be associated with gesture, such as clicking a finger, so the person can perform the gesture and remember the message.

    So, finally, here are five tips to use confirmation;

  • 1) Discredit the confirmation in a positive way (for example, say "I am …" rather than "I'm not …" or "I'm no longer")
  • 2) The statement of the present-day confirmation (eg " I'm … "rather than" I'll be … "or" I want to be ")
  • 3) Combine confirmation with an image in your mind or physical object
  • 4) Add simple actions or gestures to to remind you of your confirmation
  • 5) Write down your confirmation (write down the items is a powerful assistant to memorize)

    Powerful Confirmation – I'm Unlimited!

    One of my favorite authors is Emmet Fox. If you have not read Fox yet, I recommend picking up some of his books. If you are looking for a recommendation, I strictly recommend reading "The Mental Equivalent." It's unusual in their ability to encourage you. And it's short!

    Said, I'll share with you a testimony from another Fox book, "Inconsistencies Made Clear" that I just ran over. Fox writes: "Those who are having trouble with the active inconsistency of life should remember that we only get partial share inspections, and that in part is something that never shows things as it really is."

    This quote is facing me because I have some areas in my life, which I'm not 100% satisfied with. Fox word reminds me that what I see in my life now is just a picture. More importantly, there is a picture that can and will change. No matter what life looks like now, it's only a form of ideas that I've kept the most in mind. If I change the ideas I constantly kept in mind, the picture will change.

    Each time this approach encouraged me to write some confirmations to send on the walls of my bedroom and the bathroom. As I was sending them, I found that you might find them useful too. Then I send them below to use as you feel comfortable. Enjoy!

    I am unlimited in my power and I have growing health, strength, life, love, wisdom, boldness, freedom, love, and meek now and forever.

    I'm unlimited in my power. What I can accomplish today is only a small mirror of what I'm truly able to achieve. There is no risk of my ability – no risk of my ability to do what I want to do.

    I adjust my thinking to reflect the unlimited nature of my power.

    I daily increase my understanding of what I can do. I let go of old attitudes that hold me back; and willingly embrace new views that agree on unlimited power. The result: my world will be better and better.


    25 Verifications to enhance your common sense

    Do you want to increase your spiritual awareness easily and consistently? Want to enjoy the project more and more? Now you can. Verifications let the subconscious know what you want to experience. You set the parameters. You use confirmation to program your attention to searching for certain things, and then you add strength when you see them appear in your life.

    Confirmations here are specified in the present time. They are designed to give your overall mental experience a successful positive taste. Use them daily or even more often.

    • Being insane is fun. I love it!

    • Every day, I feel more comfortable using my insanity.

    • The more I'm aware of the physical environment, the easier I get to know my environment.

    • I notice what my physical perception is to tell me.

    • It will be easier every day to monitor what my physical perception is experiencing.

    • As I increase physical awareness, I bring spiritual awareness.

    • My skills grow easily and comfortably.

    • I get a psychological impression in a comfortable way for me.

    • My psychological impressions grow more and more accurately.

    • My psychological impression becomes clearer and prominent every time I use my intuition.

    • I take opportunities to use my spiritual awareness in an enjoyable way.

    • The information and resources come naturally to me, which help me increase my spiritual awareness both easily and safely.

    • I get a spiritual vision that is easy to verify.

    • As my accuracy grows, it also makes my trust in my abilities.

    • I attract people who appreciate my psychological abilities.

    • I only attract people and conditions that are of my highest quality.

    • I acknowledge that not everyone is open to discuss intuition and common sense, and that's all right.

    • I like to use my mental health.

    • I find wonderful little ways to use my intuition to increase my life.

    • When I grow spiritually, I find it easier to level myself.

    • The more I practice opening and reducing my mental awareness, the easier it becomes.

    • Every day I exercise, I notice that it will be easier to turn on my spiritual consciousness and will.

    • My psychic skills grow more precisely the more I play.

    • I like playing with my talents and finding fun things to try.

    • It is wonderful, of course, developing psychological gifts.

    Print this to be used every day. You may want to add more special confirmations that fit your needs and preferences. Be sure to keep the word positive and in modern times. Tell them out loud with a sense of making them even more powerful.