10 tips for writing effective positive daily confirmation

Positive daily confirmation can help you rediscover your mind from a negative self-esteem that you have had for many years. In order for this to work, you need to repeat positive statements about desirable results like mantra daily several times a day.

Positive Daily Confirmation helps to direct your values, shape goals to succeed or simply help you enhance your confidence. They can be used to improve areas such as wealth, success, health, relationships or self-esteem.

Here are 10 tips to write effective, positive daily confirmation

1. Develop yourself. Independent confirmed confirmation is the most effective positive daily confirmation. If you associate them with clearly defined written goals and credentials, their power is even stronger.

2. Find them. The emotional dimension of each confirmation should never be overlooked. When you can increase your "feel" confirmation, its overall impact increases. For example, if your confirmation is "I'm Speaker Success", then show how it must be to get a stable ovation out of the hall full of people.

3. Do them in modern times. You should specify your positive daily confirmation in modern times, that's, "I'm …" rather than "I'll be …" Saying things in modern times will program your subconscious mind to believe that which you confirm is already a fact. In other words, if you keep in mind that what you want is given and not just a wish that can or does not happen.

4. Make your confirmation positive. Another important tip in the formulation of confirmation is to write them in a positive condition. Negative statement can not work. For example, you should say "I'm rich" rather than "I'm not poor".

5. Make positive daily confirmation short and clear. First, because your experience will create the conditions that allow verification to occur, confirm the confirmations carefully to make them crystal clear. Tell your true, innerest wishes, and present your most comprehensive self-awareness. Confirmations based on narrow ideas are effective, lacking, causing suffering, and further reducing self-esteem.

7. Increase your faith. Of course, the more faith you have in them, the more effective your confirmation will be. Desires and dreams that your mind can think of bearing seeds of possibilities and possibilities becomes a real reality.

8. Tell your positive daily confirmation with conviction. Some experts recommend saying positive daily confirmation. They say that silent affirmations are more effective than stolen statements, because they involve greater strength and resonate throughout your body instead of the environment. Others recommend telling them aloud, because you can also use facial expressions or handouts for more conviction. Whatever it is, positive daily confirmation done in a half hearted manner will not be as effective as those you do with deliberate intent.

9. Follow the actions. Finally, you'll also need to put some actions so that you can lay the foundation for their publication. For example, it can confirm that you will win the lottery when you buy a ticket.

10. Remember you daily. In a sudden lifestyle with 1001 things you can do, you may find it hard to recall a positive daily confirmation. Put them in a visible place, like on the wall or in front of the mirror, or save them to PowerPoint slider for use as a screensaver.

Here are some examples that help describe the above 10 tips:

Positive daily confirmation of self-confidence

1. I am sure of my ability to do what is necessary to improve my life.
2. I feel good about how I do my job.
3. I love myself and accept myself for who I am.

Positive daily confirmation for abundance

1. All I want and need to come to me.
2. I'm an abundant person.
3. I create abundance in everything I say and do.

Positive Daily Confirmation for Success

1. I'm fine.
2. Everything I do turns into success.
3. I attract positive people to me; I take everything positive to me.


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