5 Spiritual Affirmations of Rumi to Enhance Self-esteem

Many of my clients, whom I may mention, suffer from low self esteem and a general sense of unpredictability, creating constant anxiety. They try all sorts of confirmation and work hard to create charts as they see themselves as success. Effective means that someone who has a great self-esteem and is definitely worth it.

When confirmation and vision management do not produce what they want, their anxiety increases and they even feel even better. We work together, we never hit the road, stones that block the road and the feet that hold the table top "I'm not worthy." Signing down your own verifications is very precious, since there is "ending" or "yes, but …" which shows us what authentication is.

If you closely follow your thoughts, you might find that you would not talk to a friend as you speak to yourself. You probably do not have a friend in addition if you did. But we have repeated these words internally so often that they have become part of our automated voice call. We now know from Norman Doidge to work on nervousness in the brain, the more you repeat a certain action – in this case the depression is an internal self-talk – the more it will be. A neuropathy, says Doidge, can cause both flexibility and rigorous behavior. When you change something, you begin to shut down new nervous systems that can open up the possibility of new behavior.

Spiritual affirmations are very similar to prayer and are more likely to create "what is not true" reaction. When you find any spiritual confirmation you want and remember and repeat, you use plastic brain to create a change. If you do that enough, it will be part of your internal discussion. Rumi is my spiritual champion and favorite poet. He lived in Turkey in the thirteenth century, although he was originally Persian. I have a long list of beloved Rumi confirmations; Here is just a short list that you may want to use as part of your work with confirmation.

  1. What God says to the rose that makes it full of beauty, says my heart is a hundred times more beautiful.
  2. Let the beauty that I love be what I do, there are hundreds of ways to knock and kiss the earth.
  3. The real work of spirituality is permanent amazement; blazing in blind persecution, drowned in God and drunk on love.
  4. There is a window from heart to heart, not separate or far from each other. Although two landmarks are united, the light is lit.
  5. God's explanation is transformed into ruby.

Choose the ones you like best and write them down on the indexes. Bring these cards with you and read them often. Soon you will make a reminder of confirmation and it may become a part of you. I would love some comments about which ones you choose and how they worked for you.


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