Affirmation – Subliminal Affirmation

The results could either be positive or negative. If we think when something would be done then it will continue to think about it.

A typical example of confirmation is that when you buy something, say, for example, a mobile phone or laptop. Now you do not have the budget yet, but you always keep in mind that you need to save to buy it. Later when you have the money, you decide to buy it.

In summary, confirmation is the position where you are creating something in your beliefs and informing you that it will certainly happen. It's this strong feeling in you that piles up and I'm subconscious minded that you want something to happen or want something.

Now the question, does this work? Well, the answer is very much yes. Try this, have you wanted something in your life that you need direly? If yes, do you have it? Just a simple typical example is when you have earned money or closed business; You either wanted it badly and you always think about it. When this or even happened, you have only granted your confirmation.

It's you who made it possible, not the situation around you. That's what you've said about your mind and feeling. One good example is that when you're sick, you always push your mind that you will be well soon. Try to think well soon, in line with the decision, will definitely get you out of bed so quickly.

Confirmation is the state created in the downline or subconscious that you have the desire to make or create something. Those who have self-control, you can make your own confirmation on your own.


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