Affirmations vs Affirmative Prayer – Is It Different?

Verifications are powerful tools to help you build awareness, improve your thinking and change your thinking to change your life. Legislative prayer is a method of raising the level of assurance at a higher and uniform level, one that provides stronger conviction and improved results by applying the conservation law to work with you on your behalf.

Let me declare confirmation / confirmed prayer discrimination as follows: One of the drawbacks that may occur when spoken confirmation comes from your own thinking.

Example …
Talking "I'm Good" sounds like very good and simple confirmation, and the surface looks like a very good self-declaration. And for the most part it is. However, problems may occur if something in your mind / body (probably deep in the subconscious mind) meets this information and is "secretly" looking for what has previously been used to repel it. If you receive information confirming verification (ie bank statement, billing certificate, etc.), the verification may be neutral with your own mind, limit its performance or even revoke any positive results.

Let's talk of this same acceptance idea of ​​"prosperity" with a established prayer context: "Every day and in all ways, I develop strengthened awareness. I get God's power for me and this power dissolves potential or unknown ideas that I know or do not know , and gives me a sense of strength, kindness, love and abundance, and I accept this birth. Thank you to God. "

In this example we are and # 39; ve excluded any statement that could cause resistance to our mind / body connection. Prayer is the one who builds strength, spiritual clarity and harmony when he takes on the growth inherent in nature and convinces it to work with us on our behalf.


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