Aim – Have you "Be, do and have" a list?

What kind of list is it?

It's actually a list of things you want to have or do or have. Let me give you an example.

For each heading, you create 10 items. 19659004] Be better

  • Be better
  • Be better
  • Be better
  • Be more offensive
  • Be more attentive to family
  • Be more healthy
  • Be more happy

  • Be well
  • Be a better runner
  • Be a model for my kids

    "Do" the list was part of: –

    1. Marathon Run
    2. See the Pyramid
    3. etc

    And "have" is what you want.

    It's a very easy way to do a plan and work out what you really want in life. What you usually find is that the list fits up. So if you want to run a marathon put it in your "make" list. Then in your "list" there was something about "being a runner".

    This may seem very basic but it is incredibly powerful. Becoming writing down 10 in each list means you get very precise about what you really want in your life. Let's look at "Be Healthier" in the "be" list.

    So what does it really mean? Be healthier all the time or something special that you want to achieve.

    It could mean what you were thinking of was living longer by getting healthier. By doing this list, it really enables you to examine each and everybody and find out what they mean. Then when you have it you can work out an action plan.

    The setting goal is one of the questions I'm most asked about. When I talk to companies or courses, this is something people want to spend a lot of time in. Often they can even say something like "I just do not know what my goal or purpose is in life". It's not a wonderful feeling!

    I think it's fair to say that we believe mostly that the answer to that question will only come to us one day and for some it does. But usually it's something you have to sit down and go through.

    Give it 30 days to see what results you get.


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