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The 7 Steps To Creating A Powerful Number Of Confirmations

Using ample verification will greatly enhance your future performance. Confirmation is a goal that is terminated in such a way that if it has already happened, in the present and with a positive word, like this.

"I have a lot of love and affection with my daughters".

There are 7 steps to create powerful confirmation

1. The words I am or I have are two of the most effective words you want to use when you confirm. These words will work with the subconscious concept and your mind will make your confirmation come true.

2. Always use modernity; I've heard Dr Waitley say that your mind does not know the difference between something that's really happened or something you've told yourself. Your mind will create what you say so, so do your statement in the modern times as it has already happened.

3. Make your confirmation for yourself and yourself. The statement needs to describe your feelings, goals, and it does not depend on what anyone else is doing or feeling. If you make your statement such that relationships with someone else do something, you're excited or excused why your confirmation did not work.

4. Your statement must be positive, whatever you want, not what you do not want. What do you think about? When I say:
"Do not Think of a Pink Elephant"

I bet you've automatically thought of a pink elephant, this is how your mind works. So if your confirmation has become negative your mind will think negative and you will not achieve your goal.

5. Use the word more before, something better. This gives you the opportunity to achieve your goals until you think. Like this for example:

"I earn over $ 10,000.00 per month in indirect income by December 31, 20xx"

6. Use a sense of your confirmation, something that you really want to accomplish, something that means a lot to you. This will enable you to work even more and faster for you to achieve your goals and dreams.

7. Keep your statement short and signposted. Keeping your confirmation short will help you remember and if your statement is unclear, you'll get unclear results.

Tell your verifications aloud if you are able to or just terminate them when you read them, it will help you to write confirmations in your mind. If your confirmation is something you're willing to share with someone who supports you, you can put them in a note about your house or office so you can see them more often. I once heard from a speaker who said he used colored clothes that he put on the mirror, in the fridge, in his car or where you see them often when he saw that they would remind him of his confirmation.

I would recommend reading your confirmation at least twice or even three times a day, the first thing in the morning, and the last thing in the evening, so your mind will work by showing ways to accomplish your goals. Once again the day would even be better. I have a screen saver on my computer, it works well.

Verifications are very simple to use, this may be why some do not use them, they think that something this simple could not work. I know they work. I have used them for a long time and have had good results. If you have not tried to use verification, try to see what results you get.


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