Build a Successful Team – Aim

Take two MLM teams and put them side by side. Everything seems to be equal. They both have great lead leaders. They have both effective tools at your disposal. They have both been trained equally well. And yet Team A is flourishing, but Team B is faltering. Now, although these are two fictional items and merely demographic examples … then it is very true to the conclusion of MLM. So what do they understand?

Time and time is drilled to those who listen to success or follow the education of business professionals. It's the only common factor in those who have made millions in each field. It is an objective setting.

I'm going to leave world history for a moment and talk about my own life. I've been out of MLM business for about 15 years and decided to get back into it. I love the industry and think it has a lot to offer. So I signed up for a company that had all the right things and I went to work. It was not long after I called it stopped. I just could not escape. I even pull nuts thinking "why?". Why did not I succeed? Why did not I build a good team? Why was not I more motivated? And the reason was that it was not "why." I had not defined my reasons for wanting to succeed! I had no goals.

See, performance defined by me is probably very different performance defined by you. You could see results like making $ 10,000.00 a month and living on a yacht! I can define success like increasing $ 1000.00 a month so I can stay at my children. Everyone & # 39; why & # 39; is different. So you need to define anything for you. Not for your upline. Not for the guy on a table making 20,000.00 a month. It must be yours why.

What goals do you have for you? Put down and think through them. And last but not least, write them down. Each one of them. Write as much detail about each and every one as you can. Then look for pictures! Find your eyesight for your goals as much as you possibly can. And put them where you can look at them while you work. If one of your goals is to have a new hummer, find a picture of what you want and hang next to the desk. Then, when you get discouraged or you have a downturn, you can view the picture and remember "why." If you are a mom and your goal is to be able to stay at home with your children, put a picture of them so that you can look at these precious faces every time you are tempted to quit. Do you know how powerful it is?

So start with these goals. And in the next article I will deal with the perspective.


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