Confirmation and Self-esteem

"Everyday I Became Better, Better and Better" was the late late Norman Vincent Peal's favorite confirmation and used by many every day. I was introduced to it for the first time years ago by a nutritionist who helped me with weight loss. She gave me some paper with this confirmation written on it and said: "Tell it at least 100 times each day." It did not matter to me because I did not expect it and I had no understanding of how confirmation works. I said it reliably but I thought it was a little silly and was not surprised when nothing changed.

Confirmations are really powerful "little prayers" that rattle in the subconscious mind and then go straight to divine. If you do not believe in God or Higher Power, you still get a good profit because your subconscious mind will work on what you have confirmed. (But it's much more powerful with divine help). To prevent it, it's important that you believe it and mean it. I neither believed nor had it. My life was rolling down around me and I was descending, or at least it seemed to be. And I was not getting better every day – I seemed clear that I and my life were getting worse. So how could I go around to repeat "every day in every way, I'll be better, better and better" and mean it? I could not.

It was then. Now I know better. Verifications are statements of what you want, given as you have already received it. For example, if you have a weight problem, you confirm: "I'm sleek and healthy and like my beautiful body," and "I eat enough to maintain a beautiful healthy body with its perfect weight of ____ pound." Repeat often with total purchases. You must begin to notice changes in your eating behavior and body conformance to your desired established weight.

Let's look at the confirmation: "Every day in a place" in self-esteem Even if you do not like much now, if you say: "I'm getting better, better and better" every day You must rise up with an ideal, effective and powerful statement of this confirmation. Even if you start below zero on a scale of 1 to 10, if you consider yourself to be better every day, at some point you begin to scale and will start to notice what you want about yourself. It's hard to find something positive about something or someone you do not like, even if someone is you. But when you start to resemble who you are, even a little, you must begin to notice good things about you that have probably been there every day.

However, this is a thoughtful, meaningful and powerful message of confirmation . You must be aware of what you are saying and have clear plans about what you want. You want to like yourself more, to feel good about who you are. You say it with power because you really mean it and really want it. Allow yourself to feel like you believe that you are in great self-esteem. Let your feeling wash through you.

It will not be long before you start adding other components to the mixture. Perhaps you will be advised to work out some mental or emotional kinks that you know are there. You could start looking for friends who have a positive outlook and do not pull you down and think down. Perhaps you do not have to drink so much or spend so much time in front of the TV.

It's not a quick correction. It causes changes slowly but definitely. You can not even be aware of subtle changes until someone has comments about the change of attitude or improvement in your work. You may notice that you have more people asking you to join them or you may notice that you are more family and seem to enjoy yourself. You may notice that you do not get angry so easily and that you can handle stress better.

Wonderful things happen when you want who you are so ready for a little surprise. After all, "you'll be better, better and better" every day every day. "


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