Confirmation, appetite and deviation

Now that summer is almost here (but you can not prove it by weather) it's time to be good for yourself. You can do it a few ways. One way is to remind you that you are worthy and explore what it's like inside. If you want some ways to remind yourself, visit the Kathie Brodie site on my webpage (listed in the life below) and listen to my new CD of Confirmation. I would be happy to let you download it for free but I'm not technically advanced yet!

Another way is to keep in mind what you put in your body by following the 100 mile rules: eat protein and vegetables coming from areas that are no more than 100 miles from home. It ensures their freshness and helps local authorities. And the choices you make now will help you feel better physically, which will make you feel more emotional, and at once it's a great force 22! So start eating more for one week and see how you feel and look:

. Spinach – high in omega-3 and folat – put it in sandwiches instead of salad, eat salad or add egg whites.

· Yogurt – full of useful bacteria – or replace Kefir or cottage cheese.

· Tomatoes – full of lycopene to reduce the risk of certain cancer – or replace a red watermelon, pink grapefruit, persimmon, papaya or guava. Make a salad with tomatoes, basal and olive oil, drink V8 juice, eat gazpacho.

· Carrots – An easy way to take carotinoids to reduce the risk of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis – or replace sweet potatoes, pumpkins, flavors, peppers or mango-flavored carrots, swallow salad, put in the breakfast sandwich with frozen mango and OJ, fried carrot pieces with olive oil, salt and cumin.

· Blueberries-lots of antioxidants to prevent cancer, diabetes and minor changes and rich in vitamins A and C – or substitute acai berries or powders – mixed in yogurt, use for breakfast dish, put in summer salad.

· Black beans – full of anthocyanins to boost brain energy – substitute beans, lentils, pinto, kidney, fava or lima beans – burrito wrap, used in chili, dip with dip with olive oil.

· Walnuts – rich in omega-3 and anti-inflammatory polyphenones and proteins, eating 7 nuts is a great simulation time – or substitute almonds, peanuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts or hazelnuts – sprinkle on salads, add to pancakes, mix with dried berries and dark chocolate equipment.

· Oats – Lots of soluble fiber to reduce the risk of heart disease – or substitute quinoa, linseed, amaranth or pearl barley – eat as corn, sprinkle corn on lettuce and yogurt, substitute quinoa for brown rice at meal.

And take care of these foods:

· Smoothies – Easy to get loaded with all kinds of calories. Keep Fresh Fruit

· Granola – Can be an unexpected source of fat and sugar

· Nutritionists – Some are as loaded with calories as Snickers. Look for low fat high protein buns as a substitute for meals, not as a snack.

· Salad – The coating of the salad can really put you over the top. Dip your fork and then put the salad to ensure the taste without all the calories.

· Watch these tags. If there is more than 450 calories in each show, you will enter the Cheeseburger McDonalds area

There are many ways to eat healthy that really does not take more effort. At some point, the weather will improve and we will want to be outside. This list gives you some easy ways to get a couple of snacks to take with you. I bet that after eating healthy food a week, you will feel so much better that you want to continue. Go out and get some exercise, listen to the confirmation and talk on some walnuts. What a great way to help the body, help your soul and help your farmers. Enjoy!


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