Confirmation for riders and hikers

Confirmations can play a key role in helping you utilize the daily LOA for your marathon, half-march or other training.

What is confirmation?

The law of attraction states in essence: "We must become what we think of." And we attract more emotions and attitudes that we regularly confirm. This is the power behind confirmation.

Why should I use perseverance for walking or walking?

You should write and repeat read confirmation as a coach or coach because they can apply a lawsuit of behavior and attitudes that will support the racing goals.

What is subject to confirmation?

You should be subject to each of your confirmations, with authentication written in the first person, singular form (as in "I am …"). The reason that you as the subject of confirmation is ideal is that your unconscious mind has direct control over you but is not direct control of others.

How should I write each confirmation statement?

  • As a positive, not a negative statement: Your unconscious mind will ignore anything "no" or "not" in a statement. For example, your unconscious mind changes: "I do not slow down when I approach the finish." that "I slow down when I approach the finish line."; so "I kept my pace or speed when I approached the finish." is the way to write this confirmation. Another reason to write positive confirmation is that they feel better to tell you. And this one, good feeling that you attach a statement as you say it gives more effect on an unconscious mind but would mix emotions, negative statement. The third reason for writing confirmation in the positive is practical: a positive statement tends to be shorter than negative statements. So you can write them easier and read them more easily.
  • About the present, not the future: Your unconscious mind fights every statement of the present as something it has full control over. However, it is about each statement of the future as something that it does not control. In other words, an unconscious mind works in modern times.
  • As it is true, even if it's wrong today: Every time you read the confirmation of yourself, you incrementally reinforce your unconscious mind belief as expressed by that confirmation. Given that your unconscious mind can not distinguish between fact and fiction, you can read yourself a confirmation that is not true today with the assurance that an ever unconscious mind will correct your life with that confirmation so that the time of confirmation is set. In other words, authentication does not have to be true when written or read, but repeated reading of the confirmation increases the likelihood that it is true.
  • Specificity: Special statements have more effect than ambiguous, general statements have on your unconscious mind. For example, "I'm a five-hour marathoner." is more valuable than "I'm a fast marathoner." as confirmation.

How many confirmations should I have?

The number of confirmations you have linked to your endurance or walking depends entirely on you. Some would rather have some confirmation. Other people want a lot of confirmations, including many that are reissue of other confirmations.

Where should I be when I accept my confirmation?

You should create a computer confirmation in a quiet, private place. You may want to play inspiration or gentle music while writing them. A few minutes of meditation before getting started could help you write too.

Ideally, every confirmation should feel as if it were the expression of the best of your own-like your "higher self" would tell you what it means you can be, do or experience.

If you are stumped when you initially set up to enter a confirmation on your computer, you have an aim to carry the pen and a small notebook so that you sign some confirmation ideas as you go about your daily life. You should always have enough ideas in your laptop to perform some verification when you return to your computer.

Here are some examples of validations that are corrected for riders or pedestrians:

  • "I always breathe air when I'm running."
  • "I drove at least one minute of my personal file in every marathon I drive."
  • "I eat exactly what I need for each time."
  • "I give myself permission to run my own race."
  • "I stop water exactly when it's necessary to stop water while I'm on my half marathon."

Why should I register my confirmation on a computer?

You enter a computer certificate and give you three options to write them:

  1. By typing them on a computer, you can easily capture them. The ease of editing text with a computer ensures that you can prepare validations that are "righteous" so that you can repeat yourself over the next few days, weeks and months.
  2. If you write them on a computer, you can easily upgrade them. If you have a confirmation on a computer document, it means that you can easily improve them to suit you better as your needs or goals change, but you do not have to rewrite the entire list of verification.
  3. If you write them on a computer, you can print them in different sizes. This gives you the flexibility to create a list of one page for scheduled reviews, larger versions of your face-to-face display in your bedroom, bathroom or office and wallet, laminate list for travel review when you're down .

How should I read my confirmation?

  • Always read them as you believe them, even if they are not yet (!) True.
  • Always read them with emotional strength that will draw attention and imagination of your unconscious mind.
  • Read them out loud if possible.
  • Even if you read them quietly in your mind, vary from a meeting to monitor your speed (from fast to slow), throw or accent (your own voice, your favorite player's voice, etc.) and your volume (from whisper to gentle shouting) – to prevent boredom and stimulate unconscious mind in many ways with the same affirmations.

When and how often should I read my confirmation?

Plan to read your confirmations a few times a day but at least twice a day:

  • As part of a morning meal where you use some LOA methods to prepare you for the day ahead;
  • Later in the day – and perhaps when you go to bed – to strengthen them.

If you work at home, you can read your confirmation aloud at your workday. If you work in an office, in stores, in a warehouse, in a factory or in other ways with other people in the workplace, consider using your car or remote environment as a "soundbox" as you read your confirmation aloud.

What can I do with my confirmation, including reading them to me?

  • Make individual confirmation through your home, car or office so that you can and will consciously forget about them, though you do not consciously and please read them.
  • Sign up by telling your confirmations, mix it with different audio backgrounds, audio games suitable for targeted playback times (like running, stretching or winding down at the end of the day) and playing the appropriate mixed recordings to at least twice a day – for example, when you work out durability while you go, during a shower or while indoors or outdoors.


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