Confirmations and Visual Impact on Weight Loss

Confirmation and visual impairment are methods that can be used to achieve almost everything in life and weight loss is no exception. If so, why, then, is there a number of people demanding that confirmation does not work?

In order to work on things, do it right. Some believe that just by finding information here and there they can succeed in a particular topic. Very often, however, the task is not required to succeed.

A good example of confirmation at work is the medium life that people create because of negative thinking. Negative thinking plays the role of daily confirmation.

When you think negative, when you're repeating: "I'm too heavy, I hate what I look, I'll never lose it, it just does not work", etc. – this is what you get in life. It's like catch-22. The only way you can take control of your life is to change your negative affirmations into positive ones.

Imagine, it's not easy to do. Negative thinking is a habit and breaking the habit requires a conscious, constant effort.

How to use confirmations and perspectives to succeed in weight loss?

Rule # 1. Never use negative sentences. Verifications are based on the subconscious concept and the subconscious mind does not understand the negative impact. For example, if you say "I'm not too heavy anymore", subconscious mind focuses on the "overweight" section and ensures you're overweight, as it perceives it as something you want.

Rule # 2. Use your confirmation only in modern times. Do not say: "I'll lose weight with this app," confirm "I'm weighting 120 pounds, now" (if 120 pounds are your ideal weight).

Rule # 3. Be persistent. Never give up. What you have in your life now is due to years of negative thinking. It will take some time before you begin to see positive things in your life, though sometimes it may surprise you how fast things can change.


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