Confirmations – bring prosperity to your life 5 ways

Have you found confirmation? Verifications have been popular for many years. Unfortunately, although they work very well, most people use them improperly and therefore have no results. This article will look at how you can use confirmation to bring prosperity to your life very quickly.

Here are five confirmations that you can use every day.

1. "The flow of money in my life now"

The key to using confirmation effectively is to connect them to a feeling. Say "Money flows into my life right now" with my eyes closed.

What feelings does this phrase bring to you? Write down these feelings. For example, you may feel upset and unhappy. You might be scared. It's very possible that you find these negative feelings and it's good to get them out in the open. Write down your feelings.

You do not have to do anything about these negative feelings. Just being aware of them makes them aware and takes a lot of their power. Keep saying "Money flows into my life right now" out loud. Save it at least five times. Consider another confirmation.

2. "I deserve health and wealth now"

Tell this confirmation out loud. As with your previous confirmations, think about what feelings this confirmation in you. Perhaps you feel angry. This is very common. Just write down "I feel angry".

Remember, you do not have to do anything about these negative feelings, you just have to be aware that they exist. Once you notice that they exist, they are aware. Because they are aware, you automatically start ignoring these emotions and they will disappear.

In a very short period of time, these negative feelings will disappear completely and when you say your confirmation will have a good feeling of bubble surface.

One key to using confirmation is to be aware of negative emotions when they come up and realize that they need to come up before they disappear for good.

3. "I'm always a guide to wealth: I'm protected."

This is a great confirmation for use. When you repeat this confirmation over and over again, it helps you to become aware of your intuition. Instructions are always available to you, but you usually forget. Your instructions are overwhelmed by the negative feelings you have.

As with previous confirmation, close your eyes with confirmation aloud. Be aware of your feelings and write them down.

4. "I love my life, I'm grateful for my abundance"

Gratitude is powerful. When you accept gratitude, the way opens to more positive emotions. Close your eyes and say confirmation right now.

5. "I enjoy all the good things that money comes to me and those I love"

This is a wonderful confirmation to use. Again, close your eyes and say confirmation aloud. (You can whisper if you want.)

These five confirmations will change your life and help you with whom you have only dreamed. Just remember that you should say your confirmation aloud, wait to see what feelings are in you, and then write down your feelings.

Just write one word that describes the feeling in the way you can. Use words like anger, depression … fear.

You must write down new emotions in a few days: you must write down "pleasure", "happiness", "excitement", "expectation" and "expectation".

Before you know, life will be filled with joy, happiness and prosperity.


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