Confirmations – Create happiness and well-being

Did you know what thoughts you think, any attitude you bring happiness and well-being? Learn how to reinvent your mind for well-being, success, and happiness using positive, emphatic statements called verification.

ATTITUDES AND ASSUMPTIONS. When we were children, we were taught by adults, teachers, and farmers to believe certain things about ourselves and life. This theory became the basis of our faith and attitude. Attitudes that arise in our growing years can be a great source of inspiration and motivation or personal burden and disharmony . If you develop with loved ones who used negative statements and criticisms, these statements are likely to affect how you behave and how you use your own abilities. NEGATIVE ATTITUDES, BELIEFS OR ASSUMPTIONS Consider the following statements. You're not very smart. You are stupid. Hurry up. You are ugly. Nobody loves you. You & # 19; fat. You are stupid. You are lazy . We have all heard these comments, but repeatedly enough, they can be trusted in our subconscious mind. The above comments are going to be I'm not very smart, I'm pretty stupid, I have to hurry, I'm ugly, nobody likes me, I'm fat, I'm subtle, I'm lazy. Many of whom I see have many of these falsehoods locked in the subconscious mind. Comments like these, train us to build a wall of protection about our bodies and minds, which can lead to the avoidance of behavior, illness and lack of using our creative talents. If we continue to work with such restrictive thoughts and attitudes we will hinder and suppress our natural abilities. Often we try to avoid behavior because we fear failure, rejection or being injured. It can be safer to postpone rather than experience life. Look at the problems in your life and check the corresponding beliefs you think.

Faith __________________________________________________________
Faith __________________________________________________________
Faith __________________________________________________________

We have the opportunity here to change how we look at life. As part of making the necessary changes, it is important that we recognize the faith that connects our problems.

For example: The woman came to see me because she was catching her teeth and this caused her to have a headache. As a mother and a part-time consultant, her thoughts went something like this: "I do not have time", "No body always helps me", "I need to hurry." "I can not do it all." In addition to studying Stress Management exercises, she also had to learn to change her faith so that she could get the help she needed. It was difficult for her to ask for help because she made her like a failure, but when she started working on her religious system, she became funny, her head went and she got help with her homework. The Faith Happened "It's A Solution for Everything", "Full People Help Me", "It's okay to ask for help", "I can do everything done".

Another example: The woman came to see me who was afraid of losing her connection. Her Faith "Nobody Loves Me" was learned very early in her life. Perhaps a fake perception, but never less, the religion she carried through to the early 1990's. She was working to sabotage this relationship when we worked on her belief system. By changing his religion to " I am a lovable and worthy love in my life" she could overcome her previous obstacle. Her relationship is now stable and there are plans for marriage in the foreseeable future.

For example: In 12 students came to see me complaining about nervous tests, I asked him what he thought of the tests. He said "I'm afraid," I'm sick of exams "," I do not know my work ", etc." With his negative statements, he had organized fear of thoughts forward. You can imagine what would happen to HSC with thoughts like that! Luckily, this was early in the year and we had time to feed the subconscious sponge new thoughts "I'm so sure that when I sit for the exam, I remember my work with ease, learns every night makes me successful in my test ". I also coached him to see the tests in a positive way. He did quite well in HSC, better than expected by his teachers.

Negative feelings, limiting beliefs and conflicts can be abandoned, allowing you to make a new choice about yourself and your life. It is not necessary for any of us to draw in advance any wounds, limitations, and conflicts into the future, once you have learned how to change your negative attitude to positive, you begin to escape the past and begin to live for today and in the future based on happiness and success.

Understanding how positive and negative thinking affects our behavior.

Thoughts Physical Signs Behavior

I Can not Complete Fear Avoidance Behavior

I'm Gonna Fail Speedy Heartbeat

I Do not Know My Work Nervous Care

I Hate To be fat Anger / depression Small self esteem

I hate … Anger / depression No motivation

I'm too busy anxiety / panic Anger / anger

I I'm good at relaxing my muscles and mind Ready to try

I know my work Relaxing muscles and mind Powerful

I'm enjoying this challenge Trust / interest Thoughts

I feel interested Trust / interest Possible

I love to practice Adventurous Bubbly, energized

Be aware that every thought you feel is described as confirmation of the subconscious mind. Knowing is not it sensible to make sure your thoughts are positive and motivating? When you use confirmation, you influence the thoughts that come into your subconscious mind. Fill the subconscious mind with the thoughts that support your goals. If you think it's a great day today, your mind will start to remind you of other great days and you will enjoy the day more. If you think "I'm so organized" your mind will turn thoughts on how to be organized and so spoil you to reach your goal. If you think I enjoy meeting new people, your mind will bring you the confidence you need to succeed when you meet new people and it lacks you in fulfilling your prophecy.

Positive confirmation Example

It's easy for me to make friends I enjoy meeting new people.
I'm getting organized.
It's always a great solution.
It's easy to be friendly.
My work encourages me to get the best results.
I'm enjoying this challenge.
I'm enjoying my work.
I'm getting happier and safer.
I have great ideas I do.


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