Confirmations – Creative visualization and meditation for troubled worries, nervousness, negativity

Meditation: Sit for a few minutes alone, with closed eyes and goals to relax. Soothe all the thoughts and feelings until you are aware of the sound that surrounds you. With slow and deep spirits, find yourself floating into this calm energy, feeling that your body and mind is also adapting to this tranquility. All noise disappears and you feel at peace. Pay attention to the silent spirit, as you cleanse and see with silence.

Visualization: A daily map image can help you with this meditation. We can start thinking about thoughts that have caused us doubts and confusion. What spiritual images do we repeatedly emphasize that create stress and fear in our lives? As a nightmare picture on the map, we are the only creator of our own internal torment. Understand that when we allow disturbing imagery of concern to live in our minds, someone else will feel like bacteria. We know that is not good for us, but we choose to carry it with us – through our day and night.

Think of disturbing your thoughts that cause you unruly feelings, those you can not sleep. Imagine each of those terrible thoughts that hang above you and dangle like an unwanted friend. Anxiety and fear are not good companions. Show negative energy floating on top of you while paying attention to your body and how it costs when discomfort enters your world. Feel the pressure it causes. It does not feel very good, but again, you choose to carry it around with you. Keep on visualizing, get down and grab your concerns & # 39;. Stop it, and get it straight away. It's right that you put it on it. If you have other concerns & # 39; up above you, do the same and drop them under you. You must force these graceful thoughts of negativity to impose on you. They are not worthy and by taking control – you give them inferior status. Turn your butt, jump carefully and look for useless problems with "options" and "# 39; and & # 39; what's if & # 39; s & # 39;. Screw them hard, and then taste the homies.

After you change your body, crush what's been plaguing you … lean back and relax. Breathe in a long breath of relief. Enjoy the status you are in. You have full control over your thoughts. You have authority over your mind again. Notice the sense of pure emptiness that surrounds you. Your head is clear, your shoulders relax, your muscles lose the thrill. Breathe and release what a penny of concern might be left behind. Put everything out – and imagine like a feather, floating from your breath. Let it fall on the floor so you're ready to leave the room, you can step on it when you get up. Heavy weight that has been burden is released, and only you have the power to keep it at a distance.

The Affirm: While being alone with you, you acknowledge your confirmation:
Concerns are under me.
My mind is empty and in peace.
I see the world as it is, not as I have imagined.

Go with your mantra now!


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