Confirmations for Positive Thinking

If you're sick and tired of a negative self-esteem, it's time to change it. Change negative thinking patterns with positive affirmations. The best way to take advantage of this technology is to first simplify negative thoughts.

Write down each negative thought you have on index cards, using one card in any way. Do not stop at ten or twenty. Keep writing until you have a negative thought down on paper.

Now take a stack of cards and read each one. As you read, think about why you have this thought. You must get the essence of each negative thought. If you want, write down the notes below each negative thought for answers to the following questions:

o What does this negative thinking mean?

o Where / where does this negative thought come from?

o Is there anything you ever said about relatives, friends or friends?

Now that you've thought of this, it's time to start creating a positive thinking. WordWeb defines confirmation as, "the ceremony confirms or asserts or assumes it." With this in mind, start to start.

Take your first index card. Read the negative thinking and check your thoughts / memories of this thought. Now scroll the card and write a rebuttal, in the form of positive confirmation.

For example: One of my negative thinking cards says: "I do not understand anything good to happen to me." This thought stems from the past, where I was verbally abused. My confirmation on the back of the card says: "I am worthy to receive all my good gift from my father. Jesus loves and gives gifts to his children and I am his child."

Continue this way until you have a positive confirmation. If you want, you can rewrite each positive confirmation of the new stack of indexes. Some choose to completely eliminate negative thoughts by writing a positive confirmation of a new one. I like to write my positive confirmations on the same map, flip side, so I can think of the changes in my attitude.

Your positive confirmation card should be used as a medicine – often, healthy doses already "sick" and regular dose when "well" for maintenance.


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