Confirmations for you

You're a special person with a lot to give: Confirmations allow you to focus on positive things in your life, by repeating positive phrases that will train your brain to think positively. Confirmation will assure you and relax your mind and your body. Here are some useful confirmations that you can repeat to train your mind to see things in a positive light every day. Calling down negative will hurt your life: Confirmation is a great way to keep yourself in the middle when you move on to a better future:

1. I truly and humbly love myself and respect and appreciate a special person I am.

2. I'm a decent person and deserve to discover, experience and recieve happiness and joy.

3. I am only human, and therefore flawed and inclined to make mistakes.

4. My life has value and worth and describes being loved.

5. I am the master of my life and the master of my soul!

6. My first duty is to own my life and development, my health and livelihood. Once I have achieved and provided myself, I can help and benefit others.

7. I exercise my own will and is responsible for the consequences – good or bad – of my decisions and actions.

8. I do not need approval or approval by anyone. I only have to do the best I can do and accept who I am.

9. My inner peace and stability are not dependent on others or outside forces. All this and happiness depends only on how I love and respect myself.

10. I am generous and kind to myself.

11. I take every day as it comes and do the best I can.

12. I am quiet, peaceful and in no hurry, for I have a lifetime to live and develop.

13. No matter how difficult or negative, I know that every thought, word, action and event my life will experience, will contribute to my education and development as a human being.

These confirmations can be made anywhere and anytime. They can be repeated out loud if you are alone or tell yourself if you are public. When you get used to repeating the verification that is true to you, you must begin to focus on the positives of your life right away. You must always believe in yourself to succeed in life: Life is simply too short to spend mired for self-esteem or self-esteem.

Confirmation will train your mind to turn away from negative thoughts: Use them every day to strengthen and renew your mind.

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