Confirmations – how your mind works

This simple exercise will show how your mind works and why your confirmation is so powerful.

Hold your right hand. It may be faced with you or away from you. Try turning your pink finger without turning your circular finger. Can you do that? I bet it's hard at best.

Your mind maps on the basis of repetition. When you go the other day and use these two fingers in sync, your card card connects stronger than it maps to separate their connection. Here you lose the ability to move them independently.

Your mind works the same way with thought. The more you've thought, the more space your mind gives it a nerve connection. The idea becomes wary and quick to respond.

Fortunately, nervous development has shown us that our minds can change, they can be shortened. In the case of your hand, if you want to bring your pinky on your own, you must repeat this movement again and again while continuing to hold your ring finger with the other hand or brace. Your mind would finally get a clue and assign and strengthen a nerve connection that allows your pinky to move independently.

Confirmations are the same promise with thought. If your predominant thoughts are negative or targeted to the religion you want to change, repetition of positive confirmation is the same principle as moving your pinky on your own. After confirmation has been repeated enough, your mind creates and strengthens a nerve connection around that thought and reduces the connection of the thought you want to change. Your confirmation will be inspired and you must begin to notice that you begin to respond quickly to your new faith without focusing on a conscious work.

Last attention, the exercise works even better with pinky toe and fourth toe. Enjoy!


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