Confirmations – let them work for you

We have all heard of confirmation – they are small phrases that, if we think again and again, will help us achieve some goals (feeling better, more financial resources, success in efforts, etc.). [19659002] How does affirmations work?

Well, our unconsciousness and subconscious are always at work. Research shows that our consciousness thinks about 65,000 thoughts a day – it's about one thought every week. There is a lot of thought.

Unfortunately, most of our 45,000 of these thoughts are common negative thoughts that pull us down. The good news is that if we change our thoughts we can change our lives – much for the better.

When we think more positively, we not only see positive in what circumstances, we create more positive situations to see!

Verifications are on the basic level of negative thinking – which positive confirmation can prevent negative thinking.

It's a simplified version of what's going on, but it's more than that.

First, our subconscious proposes every thought we have and decided whether it "believes" in the thought.

So, what is "faith"? We believe what we think normally and regularly and comfortably.

So if you've been thinking something negative over and over again to yourself as long as it's been comfortable, even if it's truly false, it's still faith that your subconscious mind holds.
And if you begin to ask thoughts that are very different from those of your subconscious mind, they will not work well right away. You may need to work from where you are where you want to be.

For example, though you've been thinking of some kind of thinking, "I do not have enough money." Small things and big through the day can trigger the thought. You see expensive items you want, you might think, "I do not have enough money." It's time to pay the bills, you might think, "I do not have enough money." You see something about the economy or pensions, you might think, "I do not have enough money." You pick up your wallet, "I do not have enough money." And then it goes through the day.

You may have said this phrase to you often enough that you hardly believe it to be the truth. Now you get an increase in your workplace, you can still think, "I do not have enough money" – just because you are so used to checking money this way now.

Then you hear about confirmation and positive thinking and decide to try it. You really go for it. You try to think: "I have millions of dollars that I can spend as I please." You think about everything you buy with those million dollars and you even enjoy it. You draw pictures. You cut items from magazines. You say this word over and over again. You imagine how the money could come into your experience.

The problem is – a big part of you just does not just believe yet. You tried to go from "I do not have enough money" to "I have millions of dollars" at one time. Now, do not be confused, there are some who can do such a jump, but there are many more who need to take some intermediate items that need to "raise the vibration" when it comes to money before we can truly believe in our million dollar confirmation .

There are many ways to bridge this gap.

To be effective, they must have these three key elements:

1. Start where you have your feelings and opinions.
2. Get up, take a place where you want to be in your beliefs and feelings.
3. Will be applied consistently over time.

Start by asking yourself, "What makes me better now?" Merry music? Meditate? Are you watching a sunset or beautiful flower? Playing with a child Go for a walk? Patting your dog or cat? The more you know what makes you feel better, and the more you've participated in your use of verification, the better.

For example, if you feel experienced with positive music and running, you can make a recording with a mix of your favorite favorite songs and reflections on uplifting things (like flowers) and positive affirmations. You can put this on a CD or MP3 player and get started.

Since you've chosen a few things you already know, you can feel better and combine it by making things that make you feel better, you'll feel better. Then you add positive thoughts and special confirmations related to your goals. You will make great leaps and bounds in your ability to believe in the potential of your goals when you combine the thoughts on what makes you feel good.

Be consistent. Only make confirmation once is the start, but to see a major change, you must stick to the application.

Work in a better place and it will be easier and easier to believe in millions of dollars.


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