Confirmations – Secular confirmation for a great, prosperous life – third part

Do you want to look for a prosperous and big life? Do you know that you can use power for confirmation to come and realize these dreams? In this article, I will show some confirmations that people use and how to make them more effective for you.

Let us dive straight in!

I receive unexpected observations in the mail

It's important that this confirmation has not been successful – and you must put it in process. While you can expect to receive prospective or unexpected observations in the mail, you will need to get up to get it.

This will not work if all you do is stay at home or do what you have done daily over the last 5 years. If you have not received any unexpected observations in your mail in the past 5 years, it's clear that what you're doing is not going to surprise you in future.

You must do something else, try a new project, start new opportunities, etc. You can set up unexpected money in the mail.

  • I have more than enough for all I want
  • I have my dream
  • I have the best of all
  • Dare to dream big … dare to ask for what you want. The universe wants to give you a heartfelt desire if you are only ready to give the necessary action, focus, energy and attention. Whatever you want, look for the best. Whatever you want, you can get it – if you just believe you want.

    How do you know if it happens? When you close your eyes or you see, can you find it in your hands? Can you see you by using it, enjoy it, feel the texture in your hands, smell it, taste it and hear it. Is it a vivid, powerful, emotional feeling or is it an abstract wish without emotion?

    The strength to have what you want is within you.


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