Confirmations to help you Resist – 20 other skin certificates

Sometimes in life you can find yourself when you do not contact those around you. You may find targeted, criticized, ignored or just not taken seriously for any reason. What you may need is a strong set of confirmations to help you build resilience and develop other skin.

The idea of ​​the second skin is that you are literally creating a psychological barrier between internal and other people. This can be done by imagining yourself in the imaginary glass bubble. You can see through a sphere, but you are protected against being injured by the glass.

You can put an invisible wall of white light on your body. This has a similar effect on the glass column by protecting yourself from the acidity of the comments you receive.

What method you use is the idea that you prevent negativity from being absorbed into your body, your psyche, and your subconscious mind. That way, you feel a sense of inner strength and balance, rather than being crushed by what is happening around you.

The following 20 confirmations help build reliability or develop other skin. They work best if they are loud and with a feeling that you create vibration or perception in your body as you speak. This helps to run the message home. Repeat also helps to incorporate confirmation in the psyche.

1. I always do the best I can give the person I am now
2. I always have the power to ignore all hostility that prevents me
3. I am improving every day and for as long as i am doing my best, no one can ask me more
4. others & # 39; Negative comments to me are opinions and are certainly true.
5. If others do not treat me like I wish it's not my case
6. I'm not better or worse than anyone else and # 39; out there & # 39;
7. I am completely independent. I do not need the consent of others to believe that I am worthy and person
8. Everyone around me is just trying to perceive the world the same way I am
9. Those who are negative to others are often dissatisfied by myself
10. I have the right to live my life on my own grounds and know that it is enough
11. I am not responsible for changing others. I'm only responsible for how I respond to others.
12. I choose not to give anyone the right to underline the strong inner understanding of what I have with their comments or behaviors
13. I decided now
14. From this day on, I choose to give more meaningful to those around me who appreciate who I am and less like them
15. It's not important what others think about me, what matters is an inner understanding of what I am
16. I always have confidence in all situations, knowing that it is the ideal way to deal with something and the solution is in all trouble
17. I always have the power to choose to let go of some emotions
18. From now on, I commit to being so strong that nothing and no one can shake me
19. What adversity that comes my way is an opportunity for me to develop a working strategy and to grow
20. How The day of my day is deeper, I have the respect that I have for myself, and it is radiated to others


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