Confirmations – What is the purpose of confirmation?

What is the purpose of confirmation? What is what makes confirmation well? And how can confirmation help me? These are just a few of the questions I've heard in my time as an advisor and today I'm going to share my answers with these questions.

Of course, you might want to discover the answers on your own and there are ways to do this. I would encourage you to explore these ways, a good way to start reading the book by Bob Proctor called "You Be Born Rich," Bob puts his content in an easy-to-understand format so that readers from all backgrounds can understand and appreciate his message.

Confirmations are basically words or words that you use to motivate you. It is a testimony of your goal and your desire in a positive way. For someone who is trying to lose weight, imaging might be: "I'm so happy, every day it seems just a pound, it's wonderful how much I feel today!"

This is just one possible example that when you decide what you want to write, you want to make sure it's worded as it already happened. The purpose is to start revising your mind to think in positive rather than negative thoughts. Too often, someone who tries to lose weight, say something like this: "I keep trying to lose weight, but no matter what I'm trying to see, I can not get these pounds."

Are you able to see the differences between these two statements? In the first statement, the mentality of the person "I am so happy" is pointed out. They also say they thought of "daily pounding melting" and they completed their statement on another positive comment. "It's wonderful how wonderful I feel today!"

When you look at another statement, you can start to see the difference in perspective. "I keep trying" while it sounds positive, it's not really because "trying" is not the same as "making" in mind when you use the word "trying" you're really telling yourself that you have not done it or you have not yet been successful. Instead of using the word trying to change "I'm doing" or "I'm successful".

You can also see in the next line of the second statement that the person says "no matter what I try to not pour these pounds" can you see different different negatives in this line? "Try", "Can not" so even if that person finishes "I just want to be thin!" What they said until this point is "I can not be thin."

When you understand that positive verification can help you start seeing things differently, to see you differently, you're starting to make very exciting changes to your life.

Verifications are effective because they allow you to see what you want to see instead of what you see now because we all have to fight at some point in our lives with something but when we begin to change how we look at that battle is when we can start finding solutions for them.

Confirmations can help you begin making positive changes to your life by reviewing your mind first to see the potential. To see you as having already realized what you are looking for or who you want.


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