Confirmations will change your life

"Willpower creates nothing lasting."

I know that the words "confirmations" describe all kinds of imagery from "new times" or experts in pop psychology, but confirmation is more than just a department of electronics. There are numerous published studies (through the New England Journal of Medicine and Duke University to name only two) indicating that the confirmation work. Whether you accept the acceptance statement or not, you always send your subconscious opinions. Why not control this message?

In a nutshell, here's how they work:

1. Your subconscious mind receives all the data without question. Pictures, words, feelings all file with the subconscious mind.

What this means is that if you're sharing things with yourself like, "Attaboy!" then you are in good shape. If you find yourself saying things like, "you stupid jerk", you've been on a difficult trip. To test this, imagine standing on the hotel's balcony – 50 stories up — and then (in your eyes) look down at the swimming pool. Feeling the zing in your toes? Thoughts have power!

2. Whether you believe what you are saying to yourself, the subconscious will work it as the truth.

If you are trying to lose weight, simply say: "I'm losing weight" or any other positive sentence. The subconscious mind focuses primarily on the imagination, although watching negative statements like "I do not want to be fat". To verify this for yourself, say this sentence: "I will not eat chocolate cake." What's the first thing that popped in the head? Yep. Chocolate cake. So if you're saying "I do not want to be fat" the image that appears in your head is probably a fat version of you. It is the image or image that signages with the subconscious mind and you continue to proceed with this conclusion.

3. Confirmations are not the same as positive thinking.

Although there are several similarities, the method of using confirmation is not the same as positive
thinking. Positive thinking asks you to see positive in every situation, as much as possible. While this allows subconsciousness to focus on the upside, it may be unrealistic for each scenario (like this stranger after you in the parking lot). Instead, try affirmations to create a result that you want, despite current reality. For example, if you see you have a long-term illness or a troubled relationship with your boss, here are some examples of the difference between positive thinking and affirmation:

Positive Thoughts: This illness allows me to spend time that I needed for a long time to get me back properly health-wise.

Confirmation (disease): I'm getting well every day. I do things that bring me health.

Positive Thinking (Relationship): This condition at work is at least teaching me that I can still be productive when someone does not like me.

Confirmation: I am doing things to improve my relationship with my boss. I'm aware of where I own
responsibility for this situation and progressing every time we meet.

4. Verifications must appear as they are already true.

It's common mistake to describe something like, "I'll be thin soon" or "I want to be well and well." What this language creates is the state that wants to be thin but not really thin. So instead, you will always want to actually achieve your goal.

Tell a confirmation as it is already true. In the above examples, successful confirmation would be:
"I'm thinner every day" or "I'm doing things to be fit and healthy."

5. Confirmations take about 28 days to start seeing results.

This is also the time it takes to change the habit. There is something in the subconscious mind that just keeps on our old way of doing things. Many experts believe this 28 day cycle is a survival tool held over from our ancestors. The subconscious mind is trying to make us comfortable by creating an automatic attempt to free our mind for more thought. Instead of having to think about brushing your teeth, you probably increase the time that reflects the day before. This is one example of a routine you have established.

Whatever the reason for this delay, be aware that you are in resistance for about a month. Resistance will look like:

· Feimin
· Being skeptical
· Forget these suggestions and return to your old ways

"Just Do It" is my best advice to overcome this points. Caution: Watch the traps "I'm thinner every day …. but not really!" Egypt "I'm fit and healthy — despite my inability to stay away from chocolate" and other self-regulation.

The next time you find yourself thinking negatively or in ways that do not best serve your goals or desires, "delete" that programming with confirmation. Remember, it does not matter if your consciousness thinks it's troubled. Your subconscious mind accepts all the inputs.

Manage your thoughts, control your life.

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