Confirms the Bible

Confirmations affect something that is true. Something that's true yet unnoticed. When you confirm something you accept the word of God. Verifications must always be positive. And should always be spoken in modern times (example: with the stripes of Jesus I am the brook – 1 Peter 2:24). Because the word of God is truth. And should be spoken as such.

Confirmation according to the word causes faith to come. And faith is the material of hope and evidence of what is not seen. In other words, religion imparts spirituality to the body. But your faith must be published by your words. And your words are creative. God created the world with his faith and words and you were made like Him.

There is a system in the Bible that God uses and encourages us to use called and call things that are not as they are. Calling what is not it? Calling things that are not in the physical state. God's Word is true now, even though it is unnoticed. Understand that God's word is a spiritual reality and spiritual produces the body. Everything came from God who is spirit. So when you confirm (call a part) you call things from spiritual into the body. When you choose to confirm by faith you choose to believe God over what you see. And by confirming by faith according to God's Word, spiritual reality results in the physical world. The purpose of calling something is that it is in your presence. So need to be somewhere. And if you confirm (call) something long enough, it will come. It will come from spiritual into the body. Just have patients and keep up with it.

Reference Scripture:

John 17:17
2Cor. 4:13

Romans 10:17
Hebrews 11: 1,3
Matthew 17:20
Genesis 1:26

Romans 4:17
Joel 3:10

Psalm 119: 160


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