Daddy Ball – The Painful Reality Youth Sports

What do I mean by "daddy"? I refer to situations in youth sports like baseball, soccer, soccer, hockey, basketball or other competitive youth sport where the parent trains the team and plays his son above as he falls into sports. In short, my dad points the ball to a child's coach who plays either selected positions or increased play time, as well as other athletes who are talented.

Having raised two sons, I can say that it's not as painful as watching a coach to play the game to go on the skills of his own child. When a game is played and it's obvious about his coach, unless he is the best athlete on the team, that's her dad.

In baseball you can see the sunbathe puppet coach ahead of players with a higher batting average, play a short jump or throw a lot of time and not get a job. In football, it usually meant increased playing time and quarterback status or to run back or you see in a short and moderate situation, mostly one guy, get a chance to be the hero and score the touch – of course, is a coach son.

Regardless of sports, the term is the same. When a child gets playing time or a position he does not work with his own work and sports, or if others who can get a job do not get a chance, the coach son can play more – that's daddy.

I'm looking at a coach who plays his son above, as he falls into sports like cheating on his son, the boys, the team and himself. What do I mean by this bold statement?

A coach who does not make his son at the time has actually trained the boy to expect something for nothing. Continuing over time, the boy expects things to be delivered to him and has little incentive to do the work needed to beat other young athletes and really earn what he gets.

Would this be the type of employee you want to hire from a university? So I say, a coach who did not make his son really earn his position on the team has betrayed his own boy.

It is easy to say that other teams who have higher batting prices, or else would be better off playing a spot, were betrayed because the coach's son got to play it.

Young boys hold few; In equal respect and their coach, if they get to work, have a good attitude and can beat another child – they deserve to play.

Coach, who will not play the best boy in the job to work another program, improve the ability of the child, should not train the team.

The daddy ball also serves to cheat the team as a team, because when boys are not playing where the athlete falls, the team will be less competitive and the boys will be less motivated. Which leads to a team that is not all that might have been.

Well, how does a coach who plays daddy cheat himself?

A coach who plays his son above all his sporting potential to harm good boys has missed his lead as a father, preparing his son to go to the woods and stand on his own feet. When children fail to approach their own endeavors and compete truly, they suffer.

How do you avoid daddy?

The main way to avoid dad is to train the team itself. But if you do, take careful care of each child's sporting activities and play accordingly, so that you do not fall into the poker team as a coach.

The way to reduce Dad's impact is to get your son on a team trained by a father as a son is clearly the best athlete on the team. In that situation, it will be difficult for the coach to play the son over more sporty children.

Or if you can afford it, the best way to avoid dad is to play the kids with a coach who does not have children on the team. This will either be paid professional trainer or someone who truly loves the game. If you choose a paid coach route, ask hard coach questions before joining the team, as some paid coaches seem to be associated with a dad who helps a coach or team together and you can find your son again in the same position were trying so hard to avoid.

It has been my observation that coaches who play dad are usually in denial of the situation. Usually they have eyes for one boy on the team, own.

Some coaches believe that by training the team they have earned the right to play their son at any time and whatever they want and for the reasons set next, I say to find another team.

Talking to a puppet coach has little chance of succeeding because it involves his own son. If you talk to a coach, be very careful to keep the conversation about facts and not opinions.

In baseball, it may mean keeping your batting statistics yourself or other goals of action after sports and situations. You can hand out coach batting prices for all players on the team and he will receive the message with out word spoken.

With a puppet coach, the best option for your child may be to complete the season and carefully select another team next year.


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