Daily confirmation – Stop lying to yourself

Daily confirmation is a way to capitalize on the benefits of an automated proposal in a way that will benefit your life. An automatic proposition is simply the process of telling you something over and over again that it infrared you (in your subconscious mind) and you really believe what you say.

As an athlete meets the same physical attention over and over again to develop instincts. You tell yourself something over and over again until it becomes normal to think and work in a certain way.

A position is usually said in modern times, as if the item we wish is already happening.

This is a natural challenge because we usually try to confirm things we want to fix or correct in our lives. In other words, we do not have what we are confirming. Instead, we could have the exact opposite.

For example, what practices do you consider the person who uses the following daily confirmation:

"I'm a good conversation and finds social conditions that invite you."

Do you think the person is already a good conversation partner in social situations? Or is it likely that the person is a little shy and tends to sit in the back and avoid social conditions?

Usually it's their last two.

Most people would accept the above confirmation as well. They are wrong!

The majority of the confirmation you find on the internet and that people are not working.

Why? Because they lie to themselves!

Think about it. What thoughts do you have when you tell yourself something you are not? Do any of these sounds familiar? Yes exactly! You wish It's not me. Liar!

To make a confirmation, you must stop lying to yourself.

Continue with an example and look down on the essence issue. Say we should identify the core problem that we had speech impairment as a child and was hurt because we do not speak correctly.

In our example, this is more appropriate confirmation: "I was shy and struggled with the social circumstances of linguistic childhood I had as a child. But now I speak clearly and effectively. Out and love the opportunity to share what I have learned. "

do you see the difference? While the first confirmation simply says what I want to be – Verifications that work recognize the core issue as a previous behavior and replace it with productive, positive.

By recognizing the case as something before, you remove the conflict in your mind.
What you're saying yourself is now true instead of lies. As a result, there is no conflict and you can adapt to the behaviors more quickly.

Report the problem you are trying to correct (hello, nobody is perfect) and identify it as something before and then how you start today and in the future. When you remove the conflict – stop lying – The confirmation is more credible and you will work accordingly.


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