Definition of training

"Training is best done with the individual and private support of someone who will challenge, stimulate and lead you to keep growing."

Essentially, it's about helping you gain confidence – a point where you know not only yourself, but within this knowledge you have a sense of comfort and understanding of what you discover.

Your coach engages in a partnership with you to establish and clarify goals and goals and develop a plan of action to achieve those goals. They will understand what is very important to you in life and possibly enable you to take responsibility for your life. to construct and respond to action plans that help you understand these priorities. Simply the training will help you create and work on the current version of the greatest personal vision you have; to succeed – success is to be becoming a worthwhile goal or ideal.

You will be guided by a thorough process that starts by reassessing your current position, who you really are, where your priorities lie and the need to make a certain and conscious decision about the future you want to create. With the help of a personal life coach, you can really rebuild your life, overcome all obstacles and live the life you love.

Training is basically a conversation – it's a conversation between you and your coach. Before a successful performance, training involves training to gain access to what you already know. The fact is that you have answers to all your questions – asked and requested. Your coach provides the necessary support, support and motivation to seek and find these answers; to guide you in asking the right questions and dealing with the answers.

Training also includes learning and yet a coach is not a teacher and will not necessarily know how to do things better than you but this does not matter. Your coach will monitor the pattern – adjust the scene for new features, then work with you to put these new, successful features in place. This involves learning through various training methods such as listening, reflecting, asking questions and providing information. Finally, and most importantly, your coach will help you learn how to become self-corrected and self-evident. It is that you will learn how to correct your own behavior, create your own questions and find your own answers.


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