Do confirmation work? – Proof that they do it

Incidentally, I come across someone who asks the question: "Do Verification Really Work?"

It's not a question for me that confirmations work very well and are very effective and for good reason too … because of the experiments I did when I was very young, I think you are very grateful.

When I was a child, long before Louise Hay released his first book with confirmation, I once heard that "everything you tell you long enough, you'll always believe is true" and it was just me, remember from time to time. Of course, being a child, I had no idea whether this was true, or if there was only some idea of ​​how things worked, but they did not really work as they imagined when it came to reality.

Whatever was said to be true or not, it was just one of the things that was thought of for a while and then set again, no matter if it was true or not. .. but I thought to myself: "Someday I'll think something I want to believe is true and whenever I make an opportunity to experiment and see what's happening."

It was a few years later that when I drove home with my family after going to grandmother, I approached an area where a skunk had been hit and the air was thickened with harmful threats. Not only did I feel terrible but I watched as everyone else in the car was too salty, commented high, rolled up their windows and commented on how they could how bad it was.

When I followed all of my reactions around me, it seemed strange that something as simple as smell could trigger such strong and prolonged reactions from all those who had finished it and for a moment of thought, it came to me that I do not want to be active to respond so steadily this way i became older. So I began to think, "What can I do so I will not be able to respond so constantly and so negatively when I smell a mistake in the future?".

Suddenly said the words I've heard years before: "Everything you tell you long enough, you must always believe is true." Finally, I got my chance to test it and find out if it was true or not for me. But what exactly could I tell myself again and again until I believed, instead of believing that a cheater was so bad, I wondered?

When we stood, I thought of the possibilities. It took a few minutes, but finally the cartoon character of love skunk, Pepe Le Pew, came to mind. When he smelled the smell of the female skunk he looked, Pepe was always saying in French accent, "Ahhh, perfume …" as others would respond and would replace instead. When I thought about it, it looked like a great opportunity, the perfect test, and finally I learned about what I've heard long ago and was so curious that it was really true or not.

But how long would I do this, I wondered? When I thought about it, I decided it was an experiment and I would keep the experiment going as long as it made it possible to either prove true or until it was obvious that there had only been someone & # 39; s imaging. .. or until I decided that the timing that it was taking was just ineffective that the method was a viable way to affect your mind. It certainly sounded like a very practical attempt to me.

Then I began to confirm the word "perfume" when I had a chance to remember. When we went to visit my grandmothers this weekend, I would remember to say "perfume" to myself on my way there and again when we approached the area we first came across skunk on that day; When I saw a cartoon with Pepe Le Pew on the television, I say "Ahhh, perfume …" right with him; and in other cases when for some reason a picture of mood would come to mind.

It was a few months ago later, at the end of the summer, before I was in a position where I came across an area where Skunk had sprayed again. But on this occasion my answers were completely different. While everyone else in the car was commenting on how badly it smelt and rolling up its windows, I was surprised to find the smell did not affect me like that. I was curious because everyone was acting so dramatically, when the air was actually very good. To me, the smell had a certain sweetness … and then suddenly I felt it smelled like … you guess it … perfume …!

I had not got any idea of ​​what would happen when I started my confirmation and did not really know what would happen if anything. But repeating this confirmation to myself over time did not only change my faith but it actually changed what the smell turned out to be like me and changed my perception of the smell from one who was cruel and totally disagree with those who were really fun.

This was my first experience of using confirmation. I had repeated it with a sense of openness and curiosity, and I continued to repeat it long enough for the root to be, and to change the previous thought that I had wanted to change.

This experiment gave me a cousin I had tried to determine the confirmation work, and they work very well when done correctly. Since then, I've learned a lot more about confirmation, why they work for some and not for others, how to make a well-confirmed confirmation, how to solve why confirmation can not work for someone, and so much more.

Verifications work, and they work for everyone when they are doing the right thing. Verifications are only one way of interacting with the subconscious mind and affecting appropriate changes with consciousness. They are great places to start, but if you do not know then you can get a good book on the subject or find a coach to work with. Doing this will ensure that you get the best results you can get, get them at the safest time.


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