Forgiveness Verification – Forgive yourself and God will forgive you!

I can not tell you how many psychological and mental illnesses are caused by people who do not forgive themselves. When people live with strain guilty, it leads to disastrous results.

Guilt happens with rich and so-called poor people, all races, regardless of your bank account.

God does not mind you!

Please listen to me with your heart, your mind and your feelings. God, creator of heaven, earth and everywhere, nothing against you. But you must be sure who God you are serving.

Some people serve this old, wrath of God taught by Jonathan Edwards. Edwards was an ancient hellfire and condemned a colonial preacher who used to preach this famous sermon, "sinners in the hands of angry God."

Edwards used to preach hellfire and sulfur until the people would run down the tunnel that screamed – in fact, the flames of the hell were struck over them. And they would be saved by thousands as long as they considered it as hellfire. But as soon as the bastard was turned off, their salvation was extinguished.

Some religions are not saved. They are just afraid of hell. Well, I do not serve such God!

Say this confirmation aloud with a sense and believe it:

I forgive me because I believe that God has nothing against me.

Learn to forgive yourself for everything – no matter what it is. Do not mind you, not even your sins and mistakes. If you have made a mistake, do not try to pick it up, but do not worry about it. Recognize mistakes, learn from experience and make a better plan to deal with the situation next time it comes up. You simply missed the tag.

The meaning of "sin":

Here is the true meaning of the word, "sin". It is translated into the New Testament from the original Greek word, "Hamatia", which means missing the tag. To sin is to miss the mark, to miss the good God has for you. To miss the results that God is planning for you. To lose the prosperity that God has for you. To miss God's goodness. It's a shame.

Forgive yourself and God forgive you!

Do not bear guilt, let it go. Turn away from your sin. Serve as the Bible says.

Repentance means thinking again.

Instead of thinking of poverty, start thinking well. Instead of thinking sickness, think about health. Instead of thinking of guilty thoughts – think forgiveness.

Think Again – Think Happy, Think Love, Think Joy. Sorry for yourself and God forgive you!

Your Forgiveness Verification

Use the power of your word to tell you these confirmations at least twice a day this month. Speak them with a sense, and they will reach deep into your subconscious mind:

I'm good to myself.

I can not expect other people to be better than me than myself.

I believe in myself. I believe in God in me.

I respect myself. I believe in myself.

I feel good about me.

I deserve the best. I deserve God best because God is my Father.

I forgive myself. I wipe my own slate clean. I wipe over me, clean every mistake, with all the foolish actions, of all sins.

I do not wonder my mistakes. I'm not fascinated by sin-me or anyone else. I'll make it so.

I'm free to flourish, enjoy me, my family and my friends.

I love and am loved.

Thank you God in me.
Keep on knowing and believing that as you forgive yourself and see you as good as you like, it has to be introduced to your life.

Remember that your good comes to you according to your faith through planning and by doing appropriate actions. I believe in you and God believes in you.


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