Goal – 7 basic prerequisites for setting and achieving goals

Every year, many of us set goals that are blurred dreams. We see a cloudy idea of ​​what we want, but all too often we never do an operation, not because we do not want either because we do not know how. To reach a goal, you must know clearly what it is. We must crystallize our thoughts to create uniqueness, not ambiguous ideas.

There are 7 basic criteria for targeting.

  • Possible
  • The potential goal must be shown in detail, not like a tall haired dream. The goal puts must have faith in their ability to take the necessary actions … to do the work. The goal must be within limits setters ability. The first three criteria are basic and easy to understand.

    The goal should define the goal of activities that can be controlled. For example, "I'm going to take my wife for dinner" is not a goal. However, "I'm going to ask my wife to go to dinner tonight" is the right goal. The goal can control the function of asking his wife. However, he can not control her response.

    Aim is measurable in order to monitor progress. In other words, if you set a goal to save $ 1,000 dollars in June, he must replace the steps that would be successful in June. He can start by creating smaller short-term goals like saving $ 200 a month. He can track his progress by measuring his monthly success.

    Many of us tend to cheat on the following criteria, which appear without any options. The goal is the result. You can change the necessary actions to achieve that goal. You can make changes to the way to a point. However, the goal, the result must be achieved without being excused for failure to follow.

    The goal must be growth to facilitate. In other words, you must stretch to achieve that goal. You must learn something new or change activities. The goal is to take care of our comfort. Otherwise, we are performing familiar activities. Perhaps the real benefit of goals and achievements is that we grow and learn from new experiences.

    Seven basic criteria for targeting and performance will work in all situations, from managers to salesmen, from mothers to students. After the seven steps will put one to be successful if it comes with surgery.


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