Goal Setting – Do the things you hate

I've always found that the power of targeting really comes true when I have to do something that I do not like. Convince me to get busy doing something I'm very pleased with, like writing, requires no conviction at all; I love it. However, one of my tasks, such as cleaning or gardening, introduce me to me, and you will find me coming up with all sorts of excuses why there's just no way I can fit it into my day now.

It's during those times the goal will be my strongest ally. This was brought to me very hard this week when I had to do something I loathe. I'm in the process of starting business technology, which is the most specialized and quickest way to test the market and getting into a close audience is to pick up the phone and make a call. Now I hate a cold job.

I spend half of my life as a salesman and believe that I know how bad it is to be, so I did not look at the phase I've introduced. So using a target setting, here's the approach I've decided to take. make; review; rest; Award. Let me explain.

  1. Step 1 is Do I have about 300 contacts to call, so I've broken them down to thirty dozen. I set aside a half-day slot for every ten because when I get through for some time, conversations can take about twenty to thirty minutes. I take a deep breath, pick up the phone and call first. Then next and next and next, until I've made ten calls. On average, I find that I get through to two people and have significant conversations. The rest is leaving a message, collecting names to call back later or having a shorter conversation with the wrong person. So the time will be used.
  2. Step 2 is Review This is where I list all the notes that I have written down, in a database, set up the dates of the newspaper, and review the information I have received. This is a very high level of intelligence as well as sales method, so I make sure I use what I've learned and bring it back into the business profile and used it to inform the next conversation I have.
  3. Step 3 is the Rest During this time, I feel virtuous because I've really done something I hate, gained a good deal and passed at least a few of my list. I can see some progress and this is my chance to take a step back, chill and forget about the chore for a moment. Often I do not really go because there are so many other things to do. But I'm taking a rest from a cold call and that's what matters.
  4. Step 4 is Prize In fact, I usually feel so virtuous at this time that I like to give me a prize. Sometimes chocolate, sometimes walking around the block or sometimes just the opportunity to do something I love. As a perfect example, writing this article is a reward for a cold job that I did myself to do tomorrow. Yes, I know writing is the last thing you might want to do, but I'm one of the great pleasures of my life.

Next time you face the world's worst job and you must push yourself to do it, try to follow these four steps. Cut it down, make a lump, go back over what you did, take a break and give a little introduction, before you go back in and make the next lump. You will be amazed at how fast your job goes, but more importantly, how well you will feel about yourself.


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