Goal setting – Is it better than good to set too many goals early in your life?

The goal is highlighted as the most important thing you can do to ensure success in your life. But is it so important to plan every step of your life? Sometimes I feel it's more harm than good to set goals for everything you're going to do.

Being automatically can be an important part of finding out who you are during your life. For example, if you plan each detail what you have to do, where you will go and what you will see during the time you travel, you might miss what could change your life. I do not fully believe in winding, but I think much can be achieved from being open to new experiences.

Some may be asking for work and career and how the goal can be so important to know where you are where you want to be. Again, I think you should take time to try different jobs and different study programs in your school before committing yourself to doing one thing for the rest of your life. When we are in high school or even while we are in college, our interests are such that they are sure to change over the next ten to twenty years. It is best to spend a few moments exploring different possibilities before eliminating all others for the benefit of only one. Today's people will have a few caregivers throughout their lives so it's important to know about many different options.

The only goal I think you should definitely put is the goal of not setting too many goals for yourself. Enjoy life and know that the journey is much more important than the destination.


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