Goal Setting – Simple Technology to Promote the Goal Setting Process

Having goals is important in people's lives. Without goals, people have hope and desire and no plan or drive to make those hopes and wishes implemented.

Ideas appear in the subject world with actions. Without a goal and a step-by-step plan to accomplish it, action and energy can be wasted.

Here's a powerful simple technique to get in touch with your goal and take action to make it happen:

  • Write your goal in one sentence. Make sure it's written positive and it's written in indicating excited, as it already happened and you & # 39; ve has reached the goal. Finally, ensure that the goal is connected to you personally and something that you control. eg "I'm so happy now that I'm driving my new car".
  • Next, write down all the emotions you will experience when you have your goal. What will people tell you? What do you say in your mind? What do you tell other people? What will be different in your life because this goal has been achieved – have you achieved other things along the way to the goal? How have you changed by achieving this goal?
  • A great art that we can use to help us connect with our goals is found in nature and especially in our garden. Next, take seed and follow the instructions on planting and then place it in a suitable place where light is present and where you will see it daily.
  • Put the sound and go through the process of your mind, as it is a film of you that planted and watered the seeds. Think now and see how this little seed could represent a small beginning of the goal.
  • Seeds and new life, need to be fed through feeding, fluid and light to grow. Write down what you need to care for yourself and your goal to accomplish.
  • Write a plan to ensure that you take the time to provide these essential things to yourself. Check how committed to doing this you are. By selecting a number from 0-10 that represents your commitment. If it's less than 10, what could you do to make sure your commitment is 10? The commitment is important for your seed and the goal of growing.
  • Look at the seed and the plant that represents your goal and watch it grow with attention, focus on and take care of it. If you feel specifically related to the plant, you can even talk about your goal and why it's important to you. You may feel stupid but believe me it works. There are scientific data that indicate that plants grow stronger and faster if you talk to them and who knows how it could strengthen your goal!

Your goal is to be more time, attention and focus you give it. Make it important enough to take care of.


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