Goal Setting – "The Magic Pixie Dust to Success" in Network Marketing

Why do we need a goal? How do we manage and get them? How do we do when the goal itself is the right goal for us to achieve what we really want?

The answers to these questions are easier than some think. For some people, this term may be a block that keeps them from success. Let you examine this a little further.

The goal is the number one factor to motivate and achieve what you want. You must first clear define what is actually moving you – this is different for everyone, so it must be done by you. Your goal should make you feel very uncomfortable in "How Do I Do This?". It should be so big in your mind that your hands sweat, the heart of your races, your mind is going a million miles per hour and creates tension within you. This is a perfect goal for you.

It may be a goal for a year or even five years since you know no matter what you will achieve. This goal is your ultimate driving force to succeed. Without this key element, incentives are not available. Create a thrill for you from this. Review it daily. Feel it, see it, touch it, hear it, let it live in all your sense. Keep it in line with it so much that it's part of your life now. When you reach it, it will look like not, because it has been part of you for so long. It is the key to key issues in the broad sense of the term.

Now let's break it down a little. A smaller target group will be "childrens" to achieve that big goal. Set 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days goals that will lead you to a big goal that will sweat you and get a smile on your face and your heart at the same time.

Another important part of this entire process is to put these goals down in writing. It could be anywhere. I add some 3×5 indices. Keep them well and refer to them at least 3 times a day. Put them in your wallet or in the fridge or on your table. Review them in your mind and "find" the goal as it is already in your life, right now.

Some of you doubt Thomas & # 39; is telling you now – "Yes, I've been doing it for some time and not getting the results I want". And what.

Do not connect to the time limit of the goal – get to the goal.

So if you do not reach your 30-day goal in 30 days. Reset it for another 30 days and continue. Sometimes you will get there.

These shorter goals should help you find them very easy to achieve. The long-term goal is the one that makes you sweat. Remember, "children's steps". Short-term goals are the roadmap to the ultimate goal. Plan carefully and complete short limits.

Soon, the magnitude will not seem so big. It's easy. Keep reminding yourself of this. It's easy and free flowing experience.

This concept of goals can be used to find the right partner, right car, start a new business, change care, etc.

I use this term every day on my own mobile network. This is "Magic Pixie dust" that anyone who comes to network marketing is looking for. So ask yourself this "Do I do this every day?"

Be clear about your goals (crystal clear), take your lead and see the road to success and a better life!


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