Goal settings – Value of targeting

It's an old saying in sports that says "You miss 100% of the shot you never take." In other words, we need to set goals and try to achieve them if we want to succeed. Not setting goals will probably not be successful.

Some may argue that having many goals does not guarantee success … and that's also true. But here's the difference:

If we take 2 shuttles that trigger arrows as an example. Archer A can turn off randomly in the field where it lands … completely ineffective. Archer B can aim to spot the bull. They can not blow their eyes at any time, but at least the skater B tries and will occasionally hit the eye.

How does this respond to your health?

Let's compare this to 2 people, John and Kathy, who want to be healthy.

John does not interfere with setting goals. He goes about his daily routine and lies in bed at night thinking that he forgot to do anything about health today.

The result? John's lack of goals has no direction and then no success to achieve more health.

Kathy, on the other hand, decided to eat 5-6 equilibrium a day as her goal. Some days she meets her goal, and in other days she does not.

The result? Kathy can not get her goals all the time, but it ends at least sometime.

There is a huge difference between people who do not set goals. You need goals to track your success and to know if you fail or if you succeeded.

Visualize Clear and Frequently!

Want a perfect body is one thing to accomplish. If you want a poor body image or just want to lose weight, design your body in your mind just before you start working out. It may be a fuel for the machine, called workout. You can not reach a perfect body if you do not know when the perfect body means for you. Show the body you want or another goal for that matter, clearly and often.

How? Take 10 minutes as you are sure you will not be disturbed by other people or phone calls. Be comfortable, relax and dream about what you have in mind. How will it look and when when you discovered it? Show it. Be special. How do you feel on the calf, lower legs, upper legs, back, stomach, chest, shoulders, neck and face. Then, simply see this photo as often as you can through the day, at least 3 times a day.

The goal is important! Even if this is questionable, trying to make the most of the results you want is easier. Lost weight or lead to a healthier life is not just a physical journey, it is also a spiritual journey, and both can help each other. Your spiritual mind can help you in your physical shows and your physical shows can help fuel and stand your mind – whether you believe it or not!


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