Goal – The question is whether you want it or not

I came back from a meeting with a new participant in my personal training program. This participant has worked very long with a company. According to him, there are some "office apps" and # 39; to go to his workplace at the moment. It would suffice to say that this was putting him in difficult trouble; He did not seem to be happy to work there anymore and wanted to come out on his own.

However, he had worked for a monthly salary for more than twenty years, fearing to come out of the "comfort zone" and # 39; and try something on your own. As he was used to getting his salary at the end of each month for a long time, he feared he could not have money when he needed it, especially for his schoolchildren. He was worried if his company failed, since he would not have anything to fall back on! He also said that he had housing loans, car loans and some credit card accounts to settle!

When he went over and over again I just smoked and listened. After some time he stopped. I asked him, "what do you want?" He said that all his heart would be peace of mind, happy family, monthly income of RM8000 to work on something that he loved and of course to solve all his debts. When he finished saying that, he quickly expressed himself. Whatever possible, whether he was avid (now taking home payments was about RM3000), whether he was too old for all of this and so on.

I stopped him right there and then. He was surprised. First, I told him, it was not greedy to earn more money. With more money, he can provide a better life for his family, better education for his children and live a safer life. He could also help others if he had other money. He nodded. Then I added that one is only greedy when he wants something that belongs to someone else! He smiled and nodded again.

I continued. Secondly, I told him, make a decision. He looked surprised. I explained to him that he should decide what he wanted serious peace of mind, happy family, monthly income of RM8000 to work on something he loved and to solve all his debts, or not?

He said he did but he was also quick to add that he did not know how, when or when to start. I smiled and said to leave it to me. I told him to take decision-making first, whether that's what his heart really wanted. Again he looked at me, surprised.

I took a deep breath and when I left, I realized that there was a long time with this wonderful creature.

Then I explained to him. One of the reasons he had for achieving what he wanted in life was because he had not decided whether he really wanted them or not (the goals), firstly!

He was surprised. My participant explained the goals he wanted to achieve sooner and then regained his lament for the problems he faced. I could not but smile. He quit and asked me humbly to explain in detail what I hurt by making decisions.

I said that the majority of people in the world want better income, better homes to stay, better driving cars and so on; in general, everyone wants a better life. However, having all this or anything at all, one has to make a certain decision that he or she really wants this item. In other words, one has to be prepared to cope with the obstacles that life throws on them and do what they need to accomplish their goals. As I breathed deeply, I added: "And of course, by following the laws of nature, positive and truthful!

As my participant was going to say something, I cut it off and continued:" Those who have decided Taking its decision, would not have complaints about what the difficulties they are going through. mind and body. They would work on the solution with companies believing that the same creator who confused the problem with them, has also given them the solution. What they would do is work with what they have been created, in other words, work with what they have and seek ways to solve their problems. As they are doing this, they would do their best to learn & # 39; real & # 39; lessons between the lines, what nature is actually teaching them! "

When I finished, he nodded quietly. It was sometimes silent when the server came to refreeze my drink. When the waiter left, my participant asked what he should do. He nodded and said firmly that he had decided. He told me what to do next.

I told him to go home and clear his mind from his troubles and start focusing on his goal. After that, I suggested that he recorded his skills as he his hobbies and of course what his heart wanted to do the most. He pointed to what I said. Then he asked me what he should do next. I watched him gently and said, "Do it first! I'll tell you what to do later. "Clumsily he said ok. I laughed at his gestures. Then we have dinner and he updated me on his life.

As he was going, he turned looked at me, looked worried and said, "Do you think I can do that?" I replied, "Honestly speaking, I do not know! Nobody knew! I ended our conversation that day by quoting one of my favorite wisdom witnesses: "My friend, go to faith and not by sight!"

For the first time, for the first time, I saw him with real smile, smile from heart!


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