Goal – Use of goals for calculating your performance

The importance of audience is spoken all the time. Everyone whose teachers succeed, motivation and self-esteem, talks about the importance of setting goals. Yes, they can dress it under different buzzwords, grab phrases or "secret" technology but when you boil it down there is still a goal setting.

Why do few people achieve goals and how can you learn effective goals?

Many men avoid targeting because they are not quite sure how to go about setting goals. They do not know how to organize the goal setting. They are not sure what to include in the list of goals or even how to go about achieving the goals when they put them.

A great place to start is to compile a goal definition. If you want to get somewhere in life, you need to know where you are going. You need to set goals that you want to achieve and you need to set timelines when you want to achieve those goals.

With a deadline for achieving your goals, it's important to encourage you to take action to help you achieve your goal.

If you do not set a deadline then you will never find that you reach your goal. But do not worry about the deadline when you first compile the goals. Instead, just make a list of things you want or have in life. Do not censor yourself at this point. Write down everything you want.

Once you have brainstormed this list of goals with goals, narrow the list of goals you want to accomplish within the next year. If you have $ 500 and want a million at the bank, then it's great and slow. But it is not achieved within a year.

With a list of one year's goals, we do not just want a list of goals. Now we need to get a little more precise and more realistic. A good idea of ​​your goal is to use the SMART mnemonic that I have discussed in previous writings.

SMART goes like this: S stands for special. You need to be certain one goal. M stands for measurable. You need to be able to evaluate your goal. A stands close.

As I mentioned above, becoming a millionaire is great. Moving from $ 500 to million dollars a year could not be achieved. R stands realistic. You want to challenge yourself to your goals, but you also need to be realistic or you will be frustrated and stopped.

T stands for overdue. You need to set a deadline for your goals. Keep the SMART formula in mind when setting your goal for one year.

Once you have set your goal, you want to put together an action plan to achieve those goals. Personally, I want to put 90-day action plans. I develop a list of what I want to achieve 90 days from now, and now I work again by creating monthly achievements, weekly achievements, and the daily activities I need to complete to reach my 90-day goals.

Clearly, there are four set of 90-day action plans for your one-year goal.

Finally, take a few minutes every hour and a half to review your goals and progress you've made so far. This will keep the goals in your mind and let you see how you are doing.


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