Goal – why you need to be preventive

The goal has the ability to transform your dreams into reality and to change your life for the better. However, your goals can not be achieved if you just sit on the couch and do nothing. You must be preventive and think actively about what you need to do to make your goals real. In other words, you need to get out of your comfort area and be preventive rather than responsive. This article has some tips on how to do this happen.

To change from responsive to prevention, you need to change your mindset and put your questions in the right way.

Rather than saying "I do not know how to do this", say "Where can I learn how to do this."

Rather than saying "I do not have time for my goals", say: "Let schedule time and see when I can work on my goals."

Rather than saying "What I'm doing is not working", say "What do I need to change to make me more efficient and effective."

Being preventive does not only apply to your goal. It also applies to how you respond to people. If someone is asking your goal or something you've done, you still have the option of being a reaction or preventive. The reaction may be that you will be angry, predictive answer may be that you have time to hear what they need to say and ask questions again. Obviously, this is a much better approach.

Being prophylactic will help you in your goals and in life. Rather than seeing certain situations as a problem, you see them as an opportunity. If you take this approach you will be successful, and happier in your life.


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