How confirmation confirms inadequate invalidation

I have found the sentences "now children" and "instant gratification" to be like most things in this physical world, FLEETING! I have made a good part of my life and fill in the invalid with delightful satisfaction, as I'm sure most, if not all, did the same. What does this mean is taking people, places, cars, materials, money, technology, jobs, news, sports, religion, books, doctor visits, accusations … on and on and on and on and on and work like this or this you happy or whole. Then the reminder comes for one hour to 3 days later and on to the next satisfaction. I did this because I've always known and felt it was "More Out" and I would not be happy until I found it, whatever "it" was. This mental illness stopped when I started listening and finding what the head and body was telling me, in conscious state actually and only now! What I was saying about myself or the subconscious was "You're not happy" stop looking for an outside happiness & # 39; look and live from within. I noticed internal and external conversation with myself and others, YUK. Most thoughts that ran through the head, at this stage, were narrowed toward me and accused of others. I wanted to change myself defeated my thoughts from Yuk to Yummy self-determination confirmation. So I just did that, again in conscious state .

An example of my inner window to myself: Who are you loving, your fat, you should not drive the car that nobody understands, your old, why is this person so bad to me, do not miss this you are Too old to find others, do not trust anyone because everyone is out to get you and you're not worth knowing that I'm worried, I'm stressed, I'm anxious and ANYWHERE.

An example of my inner and outer speech to others who are not right lead me to it. If you would just get around the house, buy me cards, throw me a surprise birthday, run better, be more emotional – I would be happy. This person cut me off, they're out to get me, she's more beautiful and she's uglier.

Finally, I started changing my conscious position, menu, with one line of strong, positive affirmations. I write them and send them, everywhere in the house and the car. I read them, examined them, memorize and repeat them and when an old sentence comes up, I immediately change the menu to one line confirmation for positive reinforcement.

Example of Current Menu: I've achieved great things and will continue to do it through my life. I am creative, loving, caring, open minded, logical, honest, organized, understanding, trustworthy, lively, prominent, enough …. All my talents are richly rewarded wherever I look I'm an opportunity. Success, as I define it, comes naturally to me and I confirm so much joy in my life. I see only the good of others and realize that no one can tell me how to feel or work and I can not tell them how they feel or work.

I emphasize now and only now. Everything had to start with me and I stopped doing the same as expecting different results. I simply did this by adding positive affirmations, my state of consciousness.

Read the readers talking to or telling other stories for a month and start listening to what was going out of your mouth and start to notice a feeling in your stomach. If the feeling in your stomach is not what you were saying is not your personal truth, it's a wrong attitude from your past, subconscious or someone else, nor is it positive for you. Now change it with something positive towards yourself and give those you talked about with compliment.

Make this a habit now and you'll notice that you can fill it seamlessly invalid with the true one! Be absolutely aware of the current status.


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