How to create highly effective confirmation

Most people who have studied the self-help area have suffered a lot of psychologists. It is behavioral, sensible-emotional / intellectual, some body elements like Feldenkrais and allies of others, which are too many to mention. And most of these, to some extent, deal with how we interact with ourselves. But now, I want to reduce the low-known area with alarms.

Most people reading this will know Ivan Pavlov and his experiments with dogs. In short, he realized that when a hungry dog ​​was given a cat immediately after the bell was running, and when this particular event was repeated many times, the bell would only call for the dog to salivate for a long time. Pavlov called this "conditional response".

Certain reactions happen to humans too, and once the behavior has been created automatically.

Now there was another guy named CV Hudgins who did work with men in the same way as Pavlov. He delivered human pupillary reflexes. This is something in us that is totally unintended. When the light is decorated in the eye, the contract amounts. And when the light is removed, the student spreads. People are not conscious of this. However, …

Hudgins took the exam and decorated light in his eye while calling a bell. The material was then taught to use its own hand grip to activate the light and turn on the bell. When the command was "turned off" the subject was relaxed, and the light would then go out and the bell would stop calling.

After a few hours of training, Hudgins found that he could let go of the grip, the light and the bell. Just by saying the word "deal", he could refer to a contract of the component. And depending on how much strengthening, this oral condition will disappear from 15 to 90 days.

What does this have to do by creating highly effective confirmation?

Well, if you've been living for more than 7 years, the words you use will regularly use tools that cause individual conditional responses within you. Words like love, happiness and wealth generate very special pictures (and default feelings) for you.

When you say the word "love," you do not see / feel / experience what I do when I say it. Perhaps you get a picture of your mother holding you tight and singing to you after you fall down. Maybe I get a picture of a food plate that sat in front of me after I had a particularly rough day at school. And then it's the word "happy" and the word "wealth".

The point is: When writing a confirmation, you must use words that create images and feelings within you that accurately reflect what you want to show "out there" in common reality. You must be careful because sometimes you are not telling yourself what you think you are. And if the words we're using already have a strong meaning to us, then we're not really programming our minds? What we are really doing is strengthening when the current subconscious ideas / beliefs that can, or may not, be consistent with what we wish for recently.


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