How to make confirmation work for you

Verifications are like programs that can literally "relay" brain programming. Indeed, this analogy is much more precise than many think. Cold authentication software sounds like a metaphor, but it's more truth than just the image model.

When repeated over and over again, under proper circumstances, confirmation actually creates new ways in the brain. These new ways change how we think, respond and respond to the stimulus around us.

When I first started using verification, I repeatedly repeat myself over 50 times a day. And I could be working up to ten confirmations at once (hello, I wanted to change my entire life and I did not want to wait).

But is the explanation of powerful repetition the only way to get confirmation to work and make this job create new ways?

  1. Record your voice. Record your own voice, with interest in your confirmation, and you can listen to them over and over again.
  2. Take your voice on music. Music allows the brain to create different states. Choose peaceful music like Johann Bach to reach an alpha domain if you want to create a new belief system, or choose something powerful with strong slaughter if you want to create power within yourself. An example might be to play Bach if you try to improve your golf swing and queen if you try to improve your game on the football field.
  3. Write your confirmation at least 20 times a day. Kinesthetic movements in your hands participate in the other part of the brain. Did you remember a strong elementary school teacher who made you write out, "I will not throw spit wads in class," thousands of times? In fact, you might not remember her since I'm trying to create a positive connection to writing and self-improvement, but you get the fact that writing out the confirmation really does the brain (by the way, did you throw spit wads into the class after that?)
  4. Use subliminal technology. This requires a purchase, but there are software that can register your confirmation at subaudible levels. Go online and you can find many great tools for dealing with microphone, subliminal software that plays on your computer or subliminal video messaging system.
  5. Get another person to sign up for your confirmation. Ask someone you regard as a role picture or someone you know has your best focus on heart. I knew a therapist who did this regularly for his patients and the results seemed to happen much faster than if they recorded their own voices. Be sure to change your confirmation from one person to another.
  6. Use your confirmation as a stroke. Learn self-hypnosis, then read your self-hypnosis confirmation or play a recorded voice. Self hypnosis is not difficult to learn. You can pick up a book, CD or DVD in the bookstore and be practicing it tonight. The reason hypnosis works so well is that it puts your brain in a receptive condition that makes you much more noticeable. It's all the way around and the skeptic reserves your consciousness to challenge new ideas.

Verifications are powerful tools for changing your life. Try different ways to use them and will soon find yourself putting less food on your disk, throwing your cigarettes, making more sales or whatever you're trying to do in your life.


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