How To Supercharge Your Affirmations With One Little Word

As many people know, confirming one of the main ingredients of any self-sufficiency experiments. When you use it correctly, you can literally rethink your mind to succeed. Continuous repetition of positive sentences will help shape your thoughts, actions and feelings so that you can achieve your goals.

Sorry, most people say their confirmation wrongly without even realizing it! Make sure you're not one of them. One of the biggest issues with affirmations is that they must be presented in a positive, modern and absolute religion. For example, instead of saying "I do not want to be in debt" your confirmation would say "I'm financially free and wealthy."

The usual advice is; Repeat "I'm financially free" several times a day. The goal is to attract situations, attitudes and behaviors that will help you achieve that goal. But when you look into the mirror and say yourself saying "I'm financially free" over and over again, there's usually some doubt about you. You just know you're not "financially free" and you can see this in the mirror. This creates conflicts and causes feelings of negativity towards yourself and your confirmation too.

It's not surprising that so many confirm confirmations as soon as they begin. They see it as a waste of time as they do not see any results. However, confirmation is not a fault. There are feelings, feelings and moods of the people while saying confirmation, that is to blame here.
Feelings are necessary for confirmation and removing issues in this process is extremely important. So what is the "one" word that you can add that will ensure positive emotions and create faster results?

The word I refer to is "becoming". This word excludes doubts about the situation. Your consciousness can not believe you are "financially free", but it can not stand that you are in the process of becoming "financially free." This rule applies equally to all types of confirmations.

Adding the word "being" forces you to be positive for confirmation. Another sentence with similar effect is "I am working …"

This sentence can also be added at the beginning of the confirmation. Here are some examples:

"I'm in the process of attracting more money"

"I'm in the process of getting a big wage increase"

"I'm in the process of becoming a physical one."

These additions to your confirmation will overly allow you to accept sentences that are true, which will lead to positive emotions. Emotions, after all, are really the key to attracting your goals.


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