How to use confirmation to get something you want

Do you know how to use a confirmation? As with just about what content, there are a lot of no sayers when it comes to confirmation. Many will confirm that verification does not work. Well many will tell you that the stock market investment has not produced positive results for them too. Yet there are people who have killed the stock market.

What's my matter?

My goal is simply this … maybe you do not understand the completely correct way to make confirmation work for you. You can say confirmation for many individuals: health, wealth, anxiety, love, etc. you are called it The key to making affirmations work … is how they make you feel. Does the confirmation of your mood change? Or do you have an internal voice to cancel verification? Do you hear your little voice (ego) telling you it's just not true? "I'm rich", "I'm lean and in my ideal weight", "I'm in a lovely loving relationship with my psychologist."

Do you tease yourself: "rich … you're breaking", "you do not look at me", "looks like you're alone." This is when you need to take control. You need to take control of your mind and get it to focus on what you want. You need to tell your confirmation and find your feelings you confirm. So if you say "I'm rich" over and over, you have to feel like you're rich. The confirmation is your subconscious minding (and extracts yourself) so that you get what you confirm.

Words themselves do nothing. You need to find the power of words – as in words in your confirmation, you need to encourage, elevate, change your condition to make you feel better. So choose words that bring you spiritual images that exhale you and feel good.

Your confirmation could be a single word. For example: wealth or leaning or wealth or love. If these words bring strong emotions … then I say you should confirm them. I used to confirm "be love". This was a strong reminder for me to be more loving. This worked especially for me when I was not in a good mood at the time.

Verifications are a great tool. I recommend that you spend 10-15 minutes several times a day to make your confirmation and find your feelings with your confirmation now. The real key, as with any technology, is consistent with the application. Do it. Do it daily … and believe it will make a difference.


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