Inner game – confirmation

Many listened to confirmation bands to improve their confidence and inner game. It helps them to incorporate powerful positive attitudes into their minds. An example of confirmation is, "Women love it when I approach them." Egypt "I'm a prize and take to women." However, most people do not find success with confirmation. Many premade authentication tapes sold by companies are hocus pocus, new agey and useless with all these special effects and strange sounds. Confirmations can help you overcome your fear of approaching women and build trust, but to work, your confirmation will be positive and unlimited, goal-oriented, and generate trustworthy feelings inside you.

Positive and Unmarkable – To confirm that working effectively must be positive in nature and not restrictive. For example, instead of saying, "Women who reject me are stupid and I should not think about what they think", you can say, "The only women I want are women who can see quality when they're in front then. "The first confirmation refers to the frustration of women who reject you. The second confirmation emphasizes women you want. It never mentions the word "rejected". Negative words should never be confirmed.

The Goal – Many people make the mistake of making confirmations that seem good, but only serve to remind you of your insecurity. For example, take this confirmation, "I will overcome my anxiety approach." The problem with this confirmation is that it tries to avoid the obstacle instead of reaching a goal. It would be much better to say, "I love approaching women." There is no mention of "anxiety approach", which is the obstacle. Instead, we focus on the ultimate goal and enjoy approaching women.

Create safe feelings – What good is confirmation if it does not give you confidence? What confirmation will enable you to find a more emotional answer, "Women are drawn to me" or "Women wounded in my eyes"? Even though another confirmation is exaggerated, it may prove to be more secure.

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