Interview confirmation

Interview of confirmation and visualization process

Successful interview management can be a little eccentric sometimes, but do not be scared. Some of you may be familiar with the process of using confirmations and visualizations. I used to think of confirmation and visualization were cheated and temporarily back in the sky, until I started using them.

When I started using these tools, I saw a fast and dramatic performance. I do not understand why these methods work, there are many outstanding resources available that explain the science of validation and perspective, but I recommend you complete your own research, research and experiments if you are still skeptical.

I began to test the confirmation of small areas of my life, ie getting a seat on airplanes that have already been announced, and it was a surprise to me! Next, I used this process successfully for ace and interview. Since then, I have successfully applied for confirmation in all areas of my life.

The verification works like wind or electricity, even if you do not see wind or electricity, you know that they are available from those who testify that they are working. This article focuses on using validation in connection with successful job interview and job offer as a result. Use authentication and visualization to create a script and play the script in the ideal interview like a movie in your mind. Organize your subconscious mind that the script is a reality for your subconscious mind. These interviewing methods really work.

The steps are easy;

1. Briefly write out the ideal outcome of the interview on paper as a story describing the interview begins through finishing, get information about how you fell, what you say, how the interview responded and so on. Make sure the script is positive and you see yourself and ensure your status. If time permits, complete this process as soon as the interview begins. Keep this article with you forever.

2. Get started immediately, daily after you wake up and before going to sleep, read the script and visualize it in your mind. Feel the feelings of self-esteem and joy as you go through the interview. This will further prepare your subconscious mind.

3. On the day of the interview, immediately before the interview, repeat the process.

That's it, it's so simple. Now, let's use an example to go through the process in detail. Now that you have tested these interview strategies, they are not really as common sense as you initially thought, right?

Scenario: Interview for Accounting Manager

Today, you receive a call from Miss Beancounter who confirms your candidacy for a two-hour interview a week from kl. 10:00 with her at the office of Number Crunchers Inc. Once you have completed your interview, you are now ready to write and use your script.

You write the ideal input interview on paper as a story describing the interview starting by finishing as follows. By using an interview strategy, take the following:

"I arrive at the Office of Number Crunchers Inc. 15 minutes early, emotional and confident. I introduce myself to the recipient with warm smile and handshake and deserve a very positive vision. I repeat a warm smile and handshake and gives her a very positive first impression that sets the tone in the interview. Beancounter's questions and I know her expression and warm response that she likes. She finishes the interview and asks me if I have any questions and praise me about my experiences and skills , saying she wants to take my candidacy to the next step. Know that the status will be offered to me. "

Just follow the process and you'll be surprised by the results.


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