Law on Recognition of Attraction

The law of attraction responds to the prevailing thoughts and beliefs, and so we can end up experiencing situations that we really do not want. Our thoughts and feelings create energy that attracts people, situations and objects with a similar vibration frequency. In other words, if you are miserable and depressed, you will attract people and circumstances that hold you in that state.

To change your life, you need to change your thoughts, feelings, and faiths. An effective way to redesign your mind so that your thinking corresponds to the actual reality is to use the law of attraction attraction. Verifications are simply verifications that reflect what you want to do, be or have. Repeating them regularly allows you to rethink your mind and maintain a positive mindset that helps you attract your wishes. This is great cosmic news!

The keys for using your confirmation are successful:

1. Use the first person. Your verifications should usually begin with "I & # 39; and be in the present.

2. Your verifications should be fair and credible. If you confirm statements that you do not really believe, you can cause subconscious mind (or even consciousness ) feedback of doubt and unbelief that can revoke the benefit of the confirmation.

3. If you want to change your mind but can not dispel doubts, you can confirm: "I'm ready to believe that this is possible." If you need help to be positive every day you can choose: "Today I choose to believe it …" or "Today I choose to be …"

4. Verifications work best if you add feelings to them. Feel the feeling you will experience when you really get your desire. The Bible describes this idea to believe that you have already got something before you do it and tells us that if we can do this we will get what we are asking for.

5. Visualization adds another dimension to confirmation to assist in displaying. The subconscious mind can not tell the difference between real and imaginary. The laws of attraction work to align our external reality with our inner reality. Therefore, our inner reality is so important for our wishes.

Here are some affirmations recommended by Florence Schovel Shinn, author of The Game of Life that you might find helpful:

– I have wonderful work in a wonderful way. I give great service for a great salary.

– I forbid the past and NOW live in LOVE NOW, where a happy surprise comes to me every day.

– I am now at the royal palace of success, happiness and abundance, all the traffic is on my way.

– Different seems to me a good thing now appears, unexpected happens now.

– My availability is endless, inexhaustible and immediately comes to me under grace on perfect road.

– Everything I'm looking for is looking for me now.

– My goodness now flows to me in a steady, uncompromising, ever-expanding stream of happiness, happiness and abundance.

– My dear surprise now.

Here are some more confirmations from Catherine Ponder, author of the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity:

– I am now surrounded by divine materials and this divine material now appears to me in a rich appropriate form.

– Everything is exciting me now and I thrive everything and everyone now.

– I bless everyone, everything and every situation in my life now, as good, good and very good.

– I love the highest and best in all people and I now take the best, best and best-selling strategies to me.

– I celebrate my success in every way. "

– I appreciate that I am now rich, happy and happy.

And here are examples of simple confirmations you can create for yourself:

– I love and accept myself. 19659002]

– I'm Always Raising My Income.

Whether you start with an expert's confirmation, such as Catherine Ponder or Florence Schovel Shinn, declared or you write, you need to repeat your Law of Attraction Confirmation at least about fifteen minutes a day to get good results. But if you learn to use your affairs effectively, you can learn to use the Attraction of Attraction to show the life you want. It's incredibly easy.


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