Louise Hay Affirmations – Do They Really Work?

Is the power of Louise Hay confirmations and her positive thinking philosophy? Just answered … Yes!

Let me give you an example of how positive thinking can affect your life. Have you ever experienced a day when you did not get a good night. Perhaps you felt like you were coming down with cold or your feet hurt after a long day at work. All you wanted to do was go home, creep in bed and pull the wrapping up around you and sleep.

Once upon a time, the phone rings and you'll see some dramatic and exciting news that will help you refresh, celebrate and jump out of joy. You can not contain you! You call all your family and friends to tell them the gospel. then you're dressing and going out the door to go "par-tay" You're on cloud nine! Feeling great and on top of the world.

Where did you get tired? Where did "down with cold" go? They just went through the magic of the gospel. You ended up dancing the night on the same feet that hurt so bad a few hours ago. What happened? Positive thinking and positive emotions are what happened.

Positive thoughts and feelings can happen unexpectedly as I have described in the above-mentioned scenario and if you wish you can patiently wait for positive situations to come true. But on the other hand, if you'd rather wait for it. To get good things at random to you, you can make decisions and "produce" positive thinking with your own power plans to create positive thinking. And repeating positive affirmations is one of the best ways to start your mind focusing on positive instead of negative.

Lo Uise Hay is a pioneer in the art of positive thinking and affirmation. She has set standards for many self-help teachers and "inspirationalists" and has helped countless people cure their mind, body and spirit.

Louise Hay has written 23 books, 2 children's books, 10 inspiration and confirmation cards, 23 soundcards and a film about their amazing journey through life. However, she is most famous and will always be best known for the first book called "You Can Cure Your Life".

This little book of healing confirmation, first published in 1984, began the career of Louise to help others cure their lives. It is still on the list in New York Time.

Whether you use Louise books or create your own positive confirmation by intending to repeat them will always let you look on the bright side. Verifications provide a creative and healing path of negative thoughts, especially when insufficient circumstances occur. Repeat something as simple as "Everyday and in every way, I'm getting better and better" can have a significant impact on what we really find. And it's always better than being a victim of taking a progressive approach to bad situations.

If you decide to create your own confirmation, please tell them carefully. In order for your confirmation to be effective, write it in the modern times and make it positive, personal and special. Repeat this carefully formal leave quietly or out loud with yourself, or you can even write it down and read it often through the days ahead.

Can Louise Hay confirmations and self-help books help you? Absolutely! By using their training and expertise in medical confirmation, you can help to plant spiritual seeds to create new and positive experiences in your life.


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