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Louise L. Hay is a premiere lecturer, teacher and bestselling author. She is also the owner and founder of Hay House, Inc., a publishing company that " helps people around the world to travel for personal growth and healing."

Ms. Hay is an expert in helping people cure their lives with powerful, lively changes in confirmation.

She calls us to explore ourselves with self-esteem.

What does your life say about you? Is it a testimony of what you want it to look like or what?

" Life is really very simple, what we give out, we'll be back." she says.

What we believe, think, feel, becomes our reality. If we are negative and active in victims, we will continue to show more negative circumstances as life becomes difficult and people can use us.

However, if we are positive and feed our minds, bodies and spirits – positive statements or affirmations – we will begin to attract positive situations as our world will begin to match and align with our inner world.

It's old said – is your glass empty or half full? As – w hates the focus, increases.

What if we know we have work to do our beliefs or know that we can be negative in our thinking – what can we do to reverse?

In his book, "You Can Heal Your Life", Louise Hay discusses how to develop and use positive statements & # 39; or & confirmations & # 39; to create the life we ​​want. She helps us to think outside the box & # 39; in order to create a living of prosperity, healthy relationships and best health in body, mind and spirit.

First, she says that we need to get in touch with what we are saying to ourselves – about ourselves, daily. Most of us are strong self-criticism and have a constant negative internal dialogue going on. This is definitely a way to progress or fulfill our life goals.

She says that when she advises people that what matters are the things they introduce, later deals with self-confidence first.

Some examples Louise Hay confirms:

  • I'm totally well
  • I'm my husband
  • I love and accept myself

Louise Hay writes about various topics of interest and recovery create and show prosperity, positive relationships and promote best health in body, mind and spirit.


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