Love Languages ​​Part 1 – Word of Confirmation

Verbal compliments, or words of confirmation, are powerful agents of love. They are best described in simple, simple statements, such as:

"You look good at those issues."

"Are you always beautiful in this dress! Wow!"

"You must be the best potato cookie in the world. I love these potatoes."

"Thank you for washing the dish tonight."

"Thank you for your grandchildren being arrested tonight.

" I really appreciate you having the garbage out. "

What would happen to the emotional climate of marriage if the husband or wife heard

The phrase is regular?

In each language, there are many languages. Below you only find a few but in the end you need to understand your spouse's prophecy.

Verbal Compliments Encouraging words:

The word Encourage to Encourage Courage. Put your spouse up with encouraging words in areas of insecurity.

] Dear words: Love is good. If we are to communicate love orally, we must use good words. That's how we speak. Different meanings, how you say it.

Different words: Love makes requests, n ot requirements. The way we express these wishes is important. If we know our needs as requests, we provide guidance , not endimages.

If a spouse's love message is a message:

  1. To remind you that celebrities & amp; # 39; the main thing is your spouse, print the following on a 3×5 card and put it on a mirror or other place where you will see it daily: words are important! Words are important! Words are important!
  2. Write in a week a list of all the words of the confirmation you give to your partner every day. By the end of the week, set your partner and check your post. On Monday I said: "You did a great job at this meal." "You look good at this outfit." "I really appreciate taking the laundry." Tuesday I said: …
  3. Set goals to give your partner another compliment every day for one month. If "apple a day keeps your doctor away," maybe a compliment of a day will keep a consultant away. You may want to pick up this compliment too, so you will not copy the statements.
  4. When you read the magazine, magazines and books, or watch TV or listen to the radio, look for confirmations that people use. Keep people in conversation. Write these confirmation statements in a laptop. (If they are cartoons, hug and paste them on your laptop.) Read this on a regular basis and choose the ones you could with your partner. When using one, check the day you used it. The notebook can become your love book. Remember that words are important!
  5. Write a love card, love story or love affair with your partner, and give him a quiet or fanfare! (Possibilities are when he dies, you'll find your love away in some special places.) Words are important!
  6. Praise your spouse in the presence of your parents or friends. You get double credit rating: your spouse will love you and your parents will feel lucky to have such a grandson or daughter-in-law.
  7. Search for your partner's strengths and tell her how much you appreciate those strengths. The chances are that she will work hard to live for the reputation.
  8. Tell your children how much your mother's mother is. Do this after your partner and her presence.
  9. Write a poem that describes how you feel about your partner. If you're not a poet, choose a card that describes how you feel. Sign special words and add some of your own at the end.
  10. If you find talking "Words of Affirmation" is difficult for you, practice in front of a mirror. Use the white card if you become, and remember, words are important.

(Please also refer to the book & The Five Love Languages ​​by Gary Chapman)


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