Objectives and Confirmation


My training has always started first by getting in touch with the customer and then looking at the client's goals.

I generally like watching 3 month limits, sometimes 4 months – long enough to be worth and short enough for success. Obviously, many goals are really millions on their way to bigger limits.

I have been a leading interesting introductory forum consisting of six meetings called Communication Technology – a very different approach to training. Recognizing that all aspects of life are basically relationships, we create up to 21 goals, up to three (but at least one) in every seven slices of life: finance, career counseling, health and well-being, personal, entertainment, relationships and community / support / spiritual. And this is as much as a year, although I ask participants to create a 3 or 4 month course.

Here is the part that has had a major impact on my training and my life. We therefore change each goal in confirmation. And I never really understand the confirmation before. But I invite participants to say these confirmations with feelings twice a day. Speaking these confirmations draw the goal to them. They change future goals in modernization. & # 39; It calls the law of attraction to the goal. For example: The goal of raising $ 100,000 can be the confirmation: "I'm happy to have a $ 100,000 income." It makes the client work harder towards the goal and it relates to the goal, filling the space with absolute commitments to the goal. I further add this by allowing participants to create a vision statement that describes the goals. Very powerful; very.


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